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Loomis & The Lust: Danceville, TN

Loomis & The Lust: Danceville, TN

By toksala | May 3, 2010

Ok…so we are back in Nashville. This time around was a whirlwind. We felt like it was an episode of “24″! Every hour of the day had something very important going on, that we could not miss. We had no room for error. But we still found room for fun!

Dez Dickerson gives Casey guitar advice

Our day started at 9am (this is the equivalent of 5am for musicians). We had to load in to SIR studios to work with Tom Jackson, and be ready to go by 10am with him. Tom has people working on a reality show about him, so they were going to be filming him (and us) for the day.

Stress level: Low-Medium

Then we find out that Prince’s Revolution guitarist, Dez Dickerson, was going to be in the studio as well, to do some critiquing with Tom! Will needed a clean pair of shorts. Once he arrived, we learned that the film crew was going to shoot an interview between Dez and our band, over at Guitar Center.

Stress level: Medium-High

After the interview with Dez, it was finally time for a lunch break!   We saw this kid in San Antonio who was just like the real life version of Billy Elliott (check out the video clip below!) — he even came fully equipped with the not-so-thrilled dad. So, not only is this kid strutting his stuff, the guy serving lunch was also rocking out! Everyone in Nashville seems to love to dance like these two. It was exactly the kind of lighthearted lunch we needed on a day like this!

Stress level: back to Low-Medium

Like father like.....uhh, FML.

All of this rehearsing with Tom was building up to a big showcase in Nashville at a really cool venue called 12th and Porter. Everyone expected a good crowd to come out to this show, and Tom’s people would be filming it too. In between wrapping up with Tom for the afternoon (at 6pm), and load in at the venue (8pm), we had to get some new band photos taken, and this was the only day we had to shoot them.

First, we were thinking a photographer would just show up and fire off some pics. Wrong. She did show up…but showed up with a few other people who were meant to help us pick out our clothes…you know, like your mom did when you would get dressed for Kindergarten. Another woman was there to do some “light” makeup. For us… any makeup is too much, but they were pretty ladies, and talked us into some super basic powder/etc. which was supposed to help with the video at the venue as well. Who knows if it helped, but it felt surprisingly natural to all four of us. Should we worry? Maybe.

Stress level: High

Somehow we did pull off all of this, and still got to the venue on time for load-in and sound check (even if it was in the smallest band vehicle ever). Once the doors opened, there were people coming through them! There was actually a good-sized crowd for the show. We had people coming up, telling us they had seen our music video for “Bright Red Chords” online, and wanted to see us live. Ah… the power of the World Wide Web. It’s not just for porn anymore ladies and gentlemen!

One of our favorite shows yet, as a band!

The show was killer, probably the best show we’ve played to date! We got back to our hotel around 2:30am. To be totally honest, this is partially because we stopped by a dance club to meet some locals. Will tried to impress two lovelies with some dance moves…it didn’t exactly work out.  So…2:30am, we have to head out to Denver early in the morning.

This trip may have been too much for Anthony…we are genuinely worried about him. He started to doze off, and Noah woke him up by gently resting his snack on Anthony’s shoulder. He opened his eyes, but we’re not sure he’s breathing anymore. Help us out…watch the last scene in the video below and tell us if you see a pulse.

We packed more people in here than a Tiajuana taxi!

Noah gently rests his snack on Anthony's shoulder.

Photo Credit: Loomis & The Lust

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