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Loomis & the Lust: Katy Perry Stole Our Guitarist!

Loomis & the Lust: Katy Perry Stole Our Guitarist!

By toksala | June 28, 2010

For those of you who didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards this month, you missed a lot of bad jokes. ALSO, you missed seeing our guitarist Casey Hooper playing lead guitar for Katy Perry! While we were obviously so sad to lose Casey, we were also so stoked for him.

We couldn’t figure out though…what would lure him to play with Katy Perry instead of us! We talked about it, made guesses, wrote out pros and cons lists but we just didn’t get it! Then, we noticed a Katy Perry poster. It became so obvious. Katy has a few assets we just don’t. Even after Anthony offered to have a very common surgical procedure, Casey still elected to jump on the opportunity. Who could blame him?!

Farewell Casey!

So, all of a sudden we had a week to get ready for a tour with our buddies in Rufio and The Higher. We had to find a replacement, and quickly! Luckily, Anthony had grown up with a great guitarist and singer named Mike Dapra. After a call to Mike, we had our new guitarist! Literally two days later, we were down at LAX picking up newest addition to “The Lust”.

We got a solid week of practice in with Mike before having to leave for San Francisco for tour. Now, we are from Santa Barbara, where statistically 1 in every 2 college students has some sort of STD. You may wonder why I told you that. I have a confession… when we got to SF, we all got crabs. If you want to know what I mean, watch our blog! Also, check back next week for a blog from Portland, Oregon, and follow us as we tour up the west coast!

– Loomis & the Lust

Will and Mike in the party bus

Time for a montage!


Rocking out in San Fransisco

Photo Credit: Loomis and the Lust

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