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Loomis & The Lust: Portland is for Lovers…

Loomis & The Lust: Portland is for Lovers…

By toksala | July 8, 2010

The city streets of Portland, Oregon…They’re unique to say the least! If you’ve never been to Portland, you have to go. We got into Portland at about 5am the day of our show. After taking a much needed power nap, we wanted to hit the streets for a while before heading to the club.

You know the old saying “When in Rome…”, which, as we all know, was coined by the ever-wise Ron Burgundy. Well, it was World Cup time, so we found ourselves a nice little Irish pub to have our lunch in. You would not believe how many World Cup fans there were. We practically had to promise nudie pics of Noah to the waitress, just to get a table. The food was mediocre and we each tried a local micro-brew. Oregon has some awesome beers! After a few games of the “foot” ball, we headed out.

Fish Taco's

Taking a couple bucks each in cash, we decided to try some of the city’s famous “street meat.” Now, I know what you may be thinking, but that is NOT slang for male prostitutes! Portland is actually known for having more food cart vendors than any other city in the country. They’re really good too. Luckily we had saved some room at lunch. Will got himself all wrapped up in some Japanese Spam and Noah tenderly nibbled on a sultry fish taco. OK, no more sexual innuendos.

Jared -- Pants

At this point, we only had about an hour until we had to head to the Hawthorne Theatre for load in and sound check. So we did what any pop-rock band would do… we found the closest country-western store and had a fashion show, Right Said Fred style! I’m pretty sure the owner thought we were romantically involved with each other.

SO, off to the show! The area where the club is located was really cool. We saw a bunch of people that live up to the “Keep Portland Weird” motto that the city has. This is definitely a city we could live in. We’ll be back there soon for sure. The crowd at the show was great, and we can’t wait to get up to Seattle for the next gig!

-Loomis and the Street Meat

Spam and Sushi

80s dance night at the Crystal ballroom.

Horsin' around at the Western Shop.

Street Meat

The Right Said Fred seal of approval.

Rocking out at the Hawthorn Theater.

Photo Credit: Loomis and the Street Meat

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