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Metrosexual Favela Assasin Swag

Metrosexual Favela Assasin Swag

...In Leo Justi's "Sniper Queen" Video

By Marlon Bishop | November 20, 2012

Big things have been happening for Leo Justi, the Rio De Janiero producer with a fresh take on baile funk. In the last year, he’s popped everywhere from an official MIA “Bad Girls” remix to hallowed pages of Mad Decent, bringing his hyper-detailed and high-energy style, which he calls “heavy baile,” wherever he goes.

Most recently, Leo Justi has put out a video for his track “O Homem Mau (Sniper Queen).” It starts with a fake BBC broadcast announcing that a killer is loose in the favela: “The subject is believed to be a former elite squad officer known by the alias, Sniper Queen. He is facing a 15 murder count indictment and is a known vigilante.”

As the juiced up tamborzao beat comes in, the video proceeds to introduce us to the Sniper Queen himself, a rifle-brandishing Afro-Brazilian badass dressed, improbably, in a fur coat and gold tights. Sniper Queen goes on to murder petty thieves, shoot little girls’ balloons out of the air, and eat grilled meat by the tong. Says director Julio Secchin, “He takes matters into his own hands, but dances along his quest for justice. He’s an outcast doing the job no one else would do. But he has fun doing it.”

Meanwhile the voice on the track says, in Portuguese, “Learn to respect the bad man.”

This is some future Brazil s**t: don’t sleep, world.

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