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Mexico’s Ritualz Unleashes Ghetto A$$ Witch

Mexico’s Ritualz Unleashes Ghetto A$$ Witch

By toksala | February 28, 2011

Of all the deliciously guilty manifestations of goth’s second coming, the much maligned genre some call witch house might be the most delectable.

Its origins are as shadowy and esoteric as its aesthetics, but legend has it that it has something to do with a syrupy, chopped-and-screwed style of hip hop, Houston, Texas, and the mid-90s.

Many figures in the scene remain just as mysterious. An up-and-comer who releases music and performs under the moniker Ritualz (or sometimes Ritualzzz or simply †‡†) doesn’t usually like to reveal his location, but we can tell you he hails from Mexico City and that his second batch of deep, dark dance music just dropped today. We are also happy to report that his stuff is harder, grimmer, and more okkvlt than ever.

The release, which follows 2010′s CDR, is called Ghetto A$$ Witch and consists of eight tracks of bone-scraping beats and distorted vocals conjured from the ninth circle — and some lovely, ethereal synth for good measure. It’s tighter and more fully realized than his first release. At this rate he’s getting ready to give Salem a run for their money.

Okay, but is that Lindsay Lohan with the electric green aura  on the album art? Could she have been Ritualz’s dark muse? Hey, why not?

Stream or download Ghetto A$$ Witch at his Bandcamp page and party ’til the walls cry blood.


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