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MOGEF Gives Second Chances to Banned Tracks

MOGEF Gives Second Chances to Banned Tracks
Image Credit: YG Entertainment; "Right Now" on Youtube

By Corynn Smith | October 3, 2012

It sounds like officials in the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family are feeling mighty benevolent these days. MOGEF, the organization that makes the major decisions about approving or banning music releases, is planning to reconsider songs banned prior to all the new conditions instated this year. The first order of business? Psy‘s “Right Now.”

According to Naver, MOGEF revealed that there will be a discussion held on the 10th of this month to determine if bans made before 2012 revisions should stay in effect.  “We’ve been considering new conditions to create a fairer judging system compared to the decisions that were made last year. We will be examining whether the bans placed on all the songs prior to the new conditions should be revoked, whether or not the songs were submitted for another review.”

The last bit was specifically added when it was revealed that MOGEF offered to reconsider the ban on Psy’s 2010 hit “Right Now” and YG Entertainment didn’t respond. “We offered the agency to submit the song for review once again in January when new conditions were incorporated into the system, but we did not receive a submission from them.”


“Right Now” was originally deemed unfit for minors due to mentions of drinking and smoking in the lyrics. Under the new requirements, as long as the mention of slang and drugs is not to the extent that “impedes on the character development of the teens listening to it”, this song and others can receive a pass during review.

With these new conditions in mind, what songs do you think will have their ban lifted?  


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