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Nickelodeon x Wonder Girls: Round Two

Nickelodeon x Wonder Girls: Round Two
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

By Janine Bower | July 26, 2012

On February 2 of this year, the Wonder Girls‘ self-titled, hour-long special premiered on television network Nickelodeon. After helping the ladies secure a spot in the sight of mainstream America, the adolescent-targeted TeenNick wants “Nobody” but the popular K-pop group for round two.

After their premiere, Nickelodeon, among others, looped these ladies into the mix of pop groups riding the recent boy/girl band renaissance. The Wanted, One Direction and even Big Time Rush of Nickelodeon fame now have the Wonder Girls to call company.

An analysis by The Kansas City Star not only determined that not only do the Wonder Girls have the girl group formula down cold (sans radio coverage), but they are also slated for another Nickelodeon movie. Think that’s exciting? Independent record producer Bill Rusch told Kansas City that: “Nickelodeon is shooting 20 episodes of a 30-minute Wonder Girls sitcom.”

The Wonder Girls Nickelodeon Movie Premiere Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

The article examined the longevity of the recent pop band resurgence, and noted that these types of groups in the past had about two or three good albums before they were old news. However, after noting the Wonder Girls’ massive YouTube response with their latest Akon collaborationLike Money,” it concluded that the current pop forecast is looking stronger than ever before.

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