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Ostentation Funk: Documentary Highlights São Paulo Baile Funk

Ostentation Funk: Documentary Highlights São Paulo Baile Funk
Funk MC Guimé and crew/Photo courtesy of Funk na Caixa

By Beverly Bryan | November 29, 2012

Rio de Janeiro is rightly known as the original home of baile funk. But São Paulo is a different city and funk music has taken on different qualities there, adapting to its environment. Paulista funk is flashier with lyrics more likely to deal with fancy cars and high-end labels than the everyday realities of favela life. It’s been dubbed funk de ostentaςão or ostentation funk and, through music videos, it may be overtaking Rio funk in popularity. Sound familiar?

Funk Ostentaςão (Ostentation Funk,) a new documentary presented by baile funk merchants Funk na Caixa and directed by Kondzilla and 3K Produtora, might ring a few bells with hip-hop fans. To be clear São Paulo’s scene is more than just an aspirational version of Rio’s. (It wouldn’t be a very interesting movie if that was the case.) MC Dede, for example, launched his career with at track about global warming, playing soccer and studying. Billed as the “sequel” to Favela on Blast, this half hour documentary is definitely worth a peep. Watch it now for the full story. The soundtrack is pretty sweet too.

Ostentation Funk – The Movie (English subtitles) from Funk Ostentação on Vimeo.

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