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Pack it in Everyone. Yelle is Doing Trap.

Pack it in Everyone. Yelle is Doing Trap.

By Halley Bondy | February 5, 2013

After eight years of Euro-flavored electro-pop, your favorite French lady Yelle has turned to trap. Yes, trap.

Her latest single “L’amour Parfait” — the from the EP out February 11 — is at least a very blatant nod to trap, with turned down vocals and trebbly percussion. Yet, there’s still a Yelle-style melody and synth-pop thruline. I guess the fusion was bound to happen, but I still wasn’t ready. And I’m still not ready yet! Can’t we go back to how things were?! When up meant up and down meant down and French meant froofy?

It’s too late. Get L’Amour Parfait (“The Perfect Love”) EP on iTunes on Feb 11 on Kitsuné, feat. remixes by Baadman, The Phantom, Ruben Mandolini and Sticky K. Stream the new, paradigm-shifting (well, that’s exaggerating a little) single.

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