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Mario Style

by toksala | 1759 days ago

Mario Power-Up

Oh if only I could have a pet Mario. As a kid I dreamed of it: keeping him in a mason jar by my bed, feeding him ‘shrooms and changing his adorable outfits. So, stumbling across this Mario fashion chart power-up chart was pure flashback bliss. I remember the thrill when, playing the 8-bit at my neighbor Dana’s house, I finally found Mario a Tanooki outfit and the way he would stretch his little glove-clad hands out while preparing to fly. Over the years, his flair for fashion power-ups has exponentially grown including some gems like the Boo Suit and the Wing Hat. What was your favorite Mario makeover?

“Who knows how Mario will look in the future. Maybe he’ll wear metallic clothes!”
- Shigeru Miyamoto, circa 1991

Hey! It’s Frog and Kanooki Mario!
Frog Mario
Tanooki Mario
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Recycled Bling

by toksala | 1760 days ago

Denise Julia Reytan Brooch

Berlin-based creative Denise Julia Reytan is most definitely a kindred spirit. Her collections of tchotskies is way colorful and way bizarre. And, as the saying goes, when life gives you retainers, make brooches… Here’s a little round-up of some of my favorite jewels from her collections. For more, check out her site!

“I looove to collect fascinating objects, to arrange them in different ways and to have them around me. For me these objects have a very personal, intrinsic value and tell a special story. “

click on the image for more info!
Pen Pencil Stencil Calendar
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Fashion Focus: Condom Style

by toksala | 1761 days ago

Sure it’s a gimmick, but these condom dresses are strangely beautiful and say so much about the creativity and imagination of all involved. Bikinis, hats, wedding dresses…who knew rubbers could do so much?

The pictures bouncing around the internet right now are from the 4th China Reproductive Health New Technologies & Products Expo, held in Beijing on July 11, 2007.  It was organized by China’s largest condom manufacturer, Guilin Latex Factory, to promote condom use in AIDS prevention. Apparently, this isn’t an annual expo since it skipped last year, but the 5th expo will be on August 5, 2009, and here’s a glimpse of what you might see…

A traditional look. Notice the fan!


Or maybe these are lollipops? The models holding them look ready to nibble:


So slinky! Yellow/red chainmail front, ruffles in the back:


This is some major attitude. Very cheeky:


Peacock masks and condom coats suddenly look so alluring:


A flirty flapper look! Which I could see this in more detail. The condoms look like feathers:


So groooovy:


Groovier? What are these? Tiered, ruffled, leg-warmers?:


More ruffles:


Check out the hat!:


Oh, wait. Check out THIS hat:


No fashion show would be complete without the bride:


Pretty angelic, no? Just in case you can’t believe these outfits are 100% condom:


The results are simply amazing:


The expo this year will have a tough time topping these looks, but for Chinese designers the challenge is ON. And we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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Pen Pencil Stencil

by toksala | 1764 days ago

PPS's Kokeshi Dolls

You’ve got to check out this collection of adorable oddities over at Pen Pencil Stencil! Mark Giglio grew up drawing, painting, skateboarding and surfing and his fresh, light-hearted SoCal vibe is perfectly captured in drawings of pirates with pencil peg-legs, pencil hands, pencils in a bind and tessellating pencil wallpapers (just save the image and tile it). There’s even a nifty freebie print and fold Pen Pencil Stencil June calendar cube (with instructions) that will totally spruce up your snore of a cubicle! Be sure to check out the news section which is chock-full of Tokyo snaps and the store with drool-worthy tees and silkscreens!

More Pen Pencil Stencil Goodies!
Pirate Pencil
Pen Pencil Stencil Calendar
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by toksala | 1765 days ago

VAMPS, featuring HYDE and K.A.Z, will be appearing at Otakon 2009! Yes, fans, they heard you!!

The duo, currently touring the U.S.,  had planned only a concert in Baltimore, MD to coincide with the Otakon convention there. They were to leave Baltimore early Friday morning.

However, the overwhelming groundswell of support from Otakon members lead them to reconsider and rearrange their schedule in order to make a personal appearance at Otakon.

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Introducing Guest Bloggers: YeinJee’s Asian Journal

by toksala | 1766 days ago

From Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, comes one of the cheekiest and in-the-know bloggers we’ve met in a while. Say hi to YeinJee! His blog, YeinJee’s Asian Journal, covers Pan-Asian music, film, celebrities, cultural events, otaku, fun news, and the weird stuff that grabs his attention, and we’re delighted to have him on board. From baby crying festivals to pop music and starlets, YeinJee’s got you covered.


No, that’s not him, dummy! But he LOVES talking about food, so get used to more heart-shaped watermelons :)

Tags: YeinJee
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