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Denmark’s Kill J Find Their Mark With “Bullet”

by Joseph JP Patterson | 57 days ago

Denmark-dwelling Kill J first dipped their toes in the digital music pool last year June with the release of their enchanting, trip-hoppy number, “Phoenix.” Eight months on, and the Danish duo have returned with a track just as bewitching. “Bullet,” which is out on April 7 via London’s Chess Club Records, they say, is “dedicated to the victims of other people’s bullshit convictions; people who act sinful, hateful and ungodly in the name of their God.” And so, with her pixie-like vocals, J spine-chillingly ministers said righteous message, using Kill’s bed of electropop blips and beeps to get us in the spirit. This one deserves a few hallelu’s! Listen:

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Protoje and Chronixx Want You to Question Yourself on “Who Knows”

by Peneliope Richards | 58 days ago

On his latest single “Who Knows” Protoje teams up with Chronixx once again to bring double the Jamaican flair. With the Winta James produced beat listeners immediately know they’re listening to a real roots reggae record. Chronixx provides his vocals on the track where he declares that he is pleased to live in the West Indies.

Protoje poses a very interesting question on this cut.” What do you know if you learn everyday?” he asks. Perplexing? Might make more sense once you listen to the whole song.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Bugged Out!

by Joseph JP Patterson | 59 days ago

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of UK-based, world-famous club night, Bugged Out. And to celebrate this significant milestone, the house, techno, garage, and disco promoters will be throwing parties throughout the year, starting off with the Bugged Out Weekender next month. From March 7 to March 9, Pontins in Southport, England—a popular family holiday resort near Liverpool—will be transformed into a raver’s haven for thousands of party people, and dance music royalty will also be in attendance: garage don DJ EZ, house music maestro Ben Pearce (Breach), PMR Records’ Julio Bashmore, and another 45-plus DJs will be taking clubbers to euphoria over the course of the three-day event. It’s gonna be a good time!

For more information on the weekender, head over to the Bugged Out site. Here’s a Paul Woolford mix to get you in the mood:

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Artist of the Week: Vote for Your Favorite

by Suzy Exposito | 62 days ago

It’s time for this week’s Artist of the Week poll! Cast your vote by next Friday at 11am EST. Choose from the list below:

Fuzzy Vox

Fuzzy Vox are a hook-heavy trio who’d easily pass for The Hives’ s younger French cousins. Maybe that’s what attracted Pelle Gunnerfeldt, the famed Swedish producer who brought us the now iconic Hive’s sophomore album Veni Vidi Vicious nearly 15 years ago. He’s mixed their forthcoming debut LP, On Heat, which is slated for a Feb. 28 release. While there’s no doubt about the influence of garage-rock greats, rest assured—Fuzzy Vox aren’t merely carbon copies.

Bear’s Den

Bear’s Den belongs to a tradition that dates back to Woody Guthrie (AKA the guy who inspired Bob Dylan). It’s called “the morality tale spinning singer-songwriter.” The London trio’s debut EP Agapeeven sounded anachronistically appropriate, sorta like the ghost of Tom Joad reincarnated, complete with a cappella sections, and layers of banjos so thick you could almost taste the dustbowl grit between your teeth.

Otto von Schirach

The half-German, half-Cuban producer/rapper impressed us with his intergalactic booty beats and his demented sense of humor. He has a philosophy about Miami being a vortex in the Bermuda Triangle. This is worth noting because his own music is a vortex of sorts between traditional Miami bass music, ravey genres like breakcore and moombahton, and more cerebral electronic music production informed by noise and IDM.

Pearls Negras

By the deeply foreboding intro of their Biggie Apple mixtape, you’d hardly expect your ears would be accosted next by a squad of teen girls. At an after-school hip-hop program in Rio de Janeiro, Alice, Jeni and Mari met and founded Pearls Negras, or “Black Pearls.” Backed by a blend of baile funk and trap beats, they spit with the grit of heavyweight champions and ease into harmonies like perfect angels. It’s safe to say that the fierce femininity of Pearls Negras is a force to be reckoned with.

Jack of Heart

The narrative of French rock ‘n’ roller Piero “Go-Go Man” Ilov is one rife with quick turnovers. He’s had a major hand in bands like The Fatals, Piero Ilov and the Warhole and The Mighty Go-Go Players. Ilov’s even put some time in as a keyboardist with Montreal-based Demon’s Claws. Clearly, his contributions to the French underground are pretty extensive, and consistently noteworthy. But it’s with Jack of Heart, his longest-running outlet, that Ilov’s songwriting capabilities really spike.

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Betty Who’s New Single Is a “Heartbreak Dream”

by MTV Iggy | 62 days ago

After her single “Somebody Loves You” was featured in a viral wedding proposal video and became internationally known, some wondered if Betty Who was going to be able to replicate both the success and critical acclaim of the song. With the release of “Heartbreak Dream,” the pop star in-training makes it loud and clear that she’s here to stay.

“Heartbreak Dream” is the first offering from Betty’s upcoming second EP Slow Dancing, due out in April via RCA. The track reunites the Australian beauty with Peter Thomas, the production genius behind her debut EP The Movement. Thomas steps up his game, creating a rollicking, bombastic monster that would make the biggest and most famous of them jealous, and Betty’s songwriting and vocal performance have never been better.

The duo clearly have a chemistry that is unstoppable, as “Heartbreak” is not only one of their best efforts yet, but also a serious grab for mainstream attention. The popularity of “Somebody Loves You” might have been luck, but this time it can be no accident.             —Words by Hugh McIntyre

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Yas and Tech N9ne’s Release Powerful New Video

by Alexis Stephens | 63 days ago

Political rappers from different parts of the globe rallying around the same cause? We’re really digging this one.

American rapper Tech N9ne and Iranian rapper Yas have teamed up for a powerful new song, “The Sound of Unity.” Speaking on the need for international and interfaith understanding, “The Sound of Unity” is about having the courage to seek common ground. Yas and Tech N9ne use the lingua franca of hip-hop to communicate, while literally speaking in both English and Farsi. With Iran and other world powers looking to adopt a framework for nuclear talks today, this track couldn’t have dropped a moment sooner. After watching the video, please check out the translations of the killer lyrics.

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Experience Nguzunguzu’s Zouk-heavy Perfect Lullaby 2

by Alexis Stephens | 64 days ago

Nguzunguzu created one of the top 10 DJ mixes of the year 2011 with their mix for DIS Magazine, The Perfect Lullaby. Production duo Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof seamlessly integrated Angolan zouk/tarraxo beats with romantic R&B create its immersive spa-like relaxation effect. An eternally-flowing image of a waterfall was the backdrop paired with the mix to complete the experience.

Perfect Lullaby 2 was released today and it’s exactly what the world needed three years later. The zouk/tarraxo scene blew up last year and Nguzunguzu are back to prove once more that they are masters at maximizing the genre’s holistic healing potential. This time, the mix is paired with a Getty Images-like slideshow of naturalistic graphics by Denis Nazarov. Shots of glaciers, snow monkeys, lava flows, and fjords are like a free STA Travel eco-tourism trip to the ends of the earth. Paired with zouk music from Principe Records artists and R&B standbys like Cassie and T-Pain, I feel like I just used up a vacation day in 46 minutes.



Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas vs. Yuki Koshimoto – Tarracho Exxelentt/ New Moon (MA edit)
Dj Lil Thug vs. Aaliyah – Hot tarraxa/ Dont think they know (MA edit)
Dj N.k – Não Chora Mais Não
Dj Cratera – My girl. My Music
Cassie – Diced Pineapples (NGUZU kizomba remix)
Marbonu – Pura Melodia
Dj tiba – Tarracha Poderoza 2009
Dj Dadifox vs. Ciara – Tarraxo Dueces (MA edit)
Usher Ft. Rick Ross – Let Me See (M&N PRO REMIX)
Nova & Jory – La Noche Perfecta
Chris Brown – Another Round (Phraze zouk remix)
Dj Malcolm – 4 ev
Marques Houston- Clubbin Zouk mix (by N.G productions)
Dj NigGa fox vs. Kelela- Tarraxo HUMBÃ√/ The High (MA edit)
Dj Rick & Dj Lil thug – Saudade Eterna
Dj Salez – Tarracha di nhOs
Dj Bison – Tarraxo Indiano
T Pain – I cant believe it (Peejay Zouk fusion remix)
Dj Malcolm – 14 malo
Rihanna – Diamonds (Kizomba remix by MalcriadoBeats)
Mariah Carey – Touch my Body (Zouk remix by Phraze)
Future – Honest (Zouk remix by Phraze & StyloBeatz)
DJ Joyce Gomes & Revolucion – Choro do Corno
Dj Xocolath – My Song
Mary J Blige – Be without you (NA remix)

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