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David Broza Launches Indiegogo Campaign for East Jerusalem-West Jerusalem Movie

by MTV Iggy | 72 days ago

In 2013, Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza did something highly unusual. He gathered Palestinian, Israeli, and American musicians at the only recording studio in East Jerusalem, with the aim of building bridges in a conflicted region through music, and just to see what would happen. The result was a full-length album titled East Jerusalem-West Jerusalem, released this year. Speaking of the project, Broza told MTV Iggy, “Music has the potential to be one of the most fundamental and important elements in building any mutual ground and paving the road for the future.”

As it turns out, he also filmed this musical meeting, which included Palestinian hip-hop group G-Town and the Palestinian-Israeli Jerusalem YMCA Youth Choir and he wants to share the experience through a behind-the-scenes documentary film.

The make this a reality Broza has started an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the producing, editing and final sharing of the film. Rewards for donating range from a David Broza t-shirt to a private meet and greet with the world-famous artist himself. For a $5 donation your photo can be added to the “bridge builder wall” at and included in an upcoming video clip. Five precent of the proceeds from the film will go to organizations that were involved in the project, such as Polyphony, the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Jerusalem YMCA Youth Choir.

Watch the MTV Iggy produced music video for the title track, featuring Wyclef:

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Artist of the Week: Vote for Your Favorite

by Suzy Exposito | 74 days ago

Who was your favorite featured artist this week? You have until 11am EST next Friday to cast your vote for the next Artist of the Week! Choose between the following:

MC Peligro

The gender gap in the Mexican electronic underground, which has been growing steadily during these past few years, is a real shame. Acts like Selma OxorDJ Smurphy, and Dani Shivers have certainly paved a way for spirited young female voices in a mostly male-oriented scene. Enter MC Peligro (AKA Ethel Verduzco,) one of the freshest new figures to emerge in Mexico’s underground in quite a while.

Like Swimming

After calling it quits as You Say France & I Whistle in 2012, Ida, Petter and Claes regrouped last year to continue their upbeat, confessional pop trajectory as Like Swimming. Self-described as a “Swedish pop group with melodies like dolphins and rhythms like sea lions,” the melodies are quite magical, but it’s evident that the true charm of Like Swimming can be found in their peculiar and sometimes dry sense of humor. On their debut full-length, Structures, the band supplements intimate letters to lovers (and haters) with plenty of wry gems.

Glass Animals

When they introduced themselves back in 2012 with the release of their first single “Cocoa Hooves,” Glass Animals set their sights on exploring the darkest bits of life through a fractured, R&B-infused pop lens. Since then, the grooves have become heavier and their themes have become slightly lighter. From frontman Dave Bayley’s seductive coo, to the band’s skittery electronic beats (recalling both Radiohead and Massive Attack), there isn’t an inch of wasted sonic space across ZABA’s twelve tracks.

Juanita Y Los Feos

They say they started in 2004, but Juanita Y Los Feos could arguably be visitors from another decade. Their 2014 LP, Nueva Numancia is one big smorgasbord of punk and new wave nostalgia, a homage to some of the finest sounds from 1979. Spooky synthesizers collide with swift surf punk licks, keeping the album both brooding but catchy enough to bring Bela Lugosi back from the dead.


Formerly, he was known as Marcelo Cunning, the sly Mexican who formed half of the New York DJ duo, Nacotheque. Then, he became the DJ and party starter of another pop en español-themed monthly event called Rico Suave. P3culiar is Marcelo C. Baez’s latest alter ego, and yes, there’s something peculiarly racy about his full-length debut, Role-play.


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Café Tacvba Celebrates 25 Years as a Band, Announces US Tour

by Isabela Raygoza | 75 days ago

Mexico’s beloved quartet Café Tacvba celebrates their 25 years as a band, and 20 years since they released the iconic album, Re. Their anniversary party will take the form of a substantial US tour this October. Their first stop of a dozen tour dates will begin in Los Angeles, where they are billed as the headlining group, and will perform alongside Calle 13, Bomba Estéreo, Nortec Collective, La Santa Cecilia and other Iggy favorites.

Cafeta is also releasing a series of video teasers about their tour with the hashtag #20ReCT25USA. Watch the first one here, and check out tour dates below. More to be announced on their official webpage.

10/11 – Los Angeles @ Supersónico
10/16 – Miami @ Olympia Theater
10/17 – Atlanta @ Center Stage
10/18 – Washington, D.C. @ Lincoln Theatre
10/19 – New York @ Stage 48
10/22 – Chicago @ Portage Theater
10/23 – Wichita, Kansas @ Hartman Arena
10/24 – San Antonio @ Aztec Theater
10/25 – Dallas @ Southside Ballroom
10/26 – Houston @ Bayou Place
10/27 – El Paso @ El Paso Coliseum
10/29 – Las Vegas @ Brooklyn Bowl
10/30 – San Francisco @ The Masonic

Get pumped.

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Easy Star All-Stars Re-release Dub Side of the Moon

by Isabela Raygoza | 76 days ago

“I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the acclaim it’s received, but many people tell me that they’ve gotten into reggae because of listening to Dub Side,” says Michael Goldwasser, veteran producer and founder of Easy Star All-Stars. Besides serving as a gateway to reggae for many fans out there, and spending over 7 years in the Billboard Reggae charts since its 2003 release, Dub Side of the Moon‘s superb interpretation of Pink Floyd’s legendary Dark Side of the Moon proved that Easy Star can reggae-fy any classic.

The album’s success consequently led Easy Star to release a series of tribute albums like Radiodread (2006), Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band (2009), and Easy Star’s Thrillah (2012), including an original album. The band now celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Dub Side, and announced a special edition re-release of the album, due on Sept. 16th. It will include new remixes, such as “Breathe 2014,” which is also a free download below:

Dub Side Of The Moon Anniversary Fall Tour
09/12 @ Crystal Ball Club Casino – Crystal Bay, NV
09/13 @ The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
09/14 @ Unity Fest – Guerneville, CA
09/15 @ W.O.W. Hall – Eugene, OR
09/17 @ Jazzbones – Tacoma, WA
09/18 @ Venue – Vancouver, WA
09/19 @ Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
09/20 @ Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
09/21 @ Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA
09/22 @ Soho – Santa Barbara, CA
09/24 @ House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
09/25 @ The Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZ (also with Buckwheat Zydeco)
09/26 @ Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA
09/27 @ House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA (also with Arise Roots)
09/28 @ The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano, CA


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Listen: M83 – “Run Into Flowers (MAPS Remix)”

by MTV Iggy | 77 days ago

Over the years, Anthony Gonzalez has all but perfected the art of the anthem. So when it comes to creating an effortless blend of shoegaze, post-rock, and electronic elements, chances are you’re not going to do much better than an M83 tune. (Need evidence? go ahead and put Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming on shuffle.) But in honor of the reissue of 2003’s Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts, fellow Mute Records artist MAPS gave it a go anyway, putting his spin on album highlight, “Run Into Flowers.” The British laptop artist preserves M83’s well-laced crescendos to create a sense of breathless wonder, while his glitchy cuts bring a prismatic beauty to source material. If the two artists were to put out a collaborative album, we certainly wouldn’t be upset. Listen to the starry-eyed remix below.

Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts is out now on Mute Records. —Laura Studarus

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God Save The Queen Diva: Big Freedia to Release Memoir in 2015

by Suzy Exposito | 78 days ago

New Orleans bounce pioneer Big Freedia is at it again. You might have caught a glimpse of her life in the hit reality TV show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce. This time, the Queen Diva will reveal all in her forthcoming memoir, tentatively titled Big Freedia: God Save The Queen Diva. Set for release on Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, she will team up with former Source magazine editor and journalist Nicole Balin to tell her story, from her humble beginnings as a gay cheerleading squad captain to her present life as an international superstar. The book is set for release in 2015.

We have been lucky to spend some time with New Orleans Queen of Bounce Big Freedia last December, when she shared some tidbits from her life in this interview and earlier on her journey in this one below:

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Listen: Fakuta – “Tormenta Solar”

by Isabela Raygoza | 79 days ago

Chile’s self-proclaimed “space age pop” singer Fakuta (AKA Pamela Sepúlveda) captures a perfectly poptimistic sound in “Tormenta Solar,” a homage to the cult classic film, Carrie. Its flawless upbeat production, ’80s-inspired synth hooks, and danceable guitar inclusion accompanying Fakuta’s splendid, dolce vocals makes this a real glitter pop treat. It’s the first single off her upcoming second full-length, via Quemasucabeza, and can’t expect anything but quality from this Chilean producer/singer-songwriter.

Listen to Fakuta’s “Tormenta Solar” off her upcoming second album, due in October. 

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Artist of the Week: Vote for Your Favorite

by Suzy Exposito | 81 days ago

Who was your favorite featured artist this week? You have until 11am EST next Friday to cast your vote for the next Artist of the Week! Choose between the following:

Chico Unicornio

Chico Unicornio has always been an enigmatic character of sorts. He’s been known to say that most of his ideas come from dreams including his artistic moniker. He’s not obsessed with Unicorns or anything, nor Scottish EDM producer, Unicorn Kid. The eclectic quality of Chico Unicornio — now accompanied by drummer Andrea Guzmán — doesn’t stop there. His music is refreshingly without categorization: it’s electronic music, it’s pop, it’s salsa, rock and folkloric, all at the same time and without missing a single beat.


Especia started life as a relatively normal idol-pop group. The outfit was assembled via auditions and also by moving around young female performers in other Osaka-area pop acts. So far, so normal for J-pop — even if their name came from their manager, who studied Spanish and simply thought the name of his hair wax would sound cool in a different language. Soon, though, they blurred ’80s Japanese pop sounds, acid jazz, and Internet micro-genres together into an approach that has made them one of the most intriguing pop acts in the country today.


While many pop stars make a clean climb on their way to the top, Toronto’s Lowell has advanced her music career through a series of ups, downs and sketchy detours. After spending only a year studying music at the University of Toronto, she dropped out, immersed herself in drug culture and made ends meet as a stripper. Years later, the young singer-songwriter has surfaced from the squalor with a more critical eye and a candidness that is sorely needed in pop music.

Ballet School

Ballet School’s music offers us a shimmery version of reality — where we’re all just a bit more attractive, and everyone is covered in taffeta and dancing together under a twirling disco ball. (Or is that just the ending to every John Hughes movie ever?) Regardless, the nostalgia-dripping tunes of their debut albumThe Dew Lasts an Hour owes a lot to the 1980s, AKA a simpler time when Elizabeth Fraser was our abstract pop queen.


Protistas easily fall between dream pop and folk, but what really makes their music stand out is the fresh and intricate harmonies they churn out in every track. In their first full-length, Nortina’s War (2010), the band composed a collection of stripped down, folk pop gems with staccato drumming that gently incorporates Chilean folkloric rhythms, accented by guitarist and frontman Solar’s ability to whisper in crescendo. Not only was it beautiful music, but it also carried their distinct personality and poetic whimsy, in English and Spanish.

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