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Listen: Dinner – “Going Out”

by MTV Iggy | 382 days ago

If David Bowie was born into the gutters of Germany, his music might sound a bit like Dinner. This isn’t to say that Anders Rhedin is low-rent. If anything, the Danish born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter’s flare for outlandish costumes and elaborate pop hooks demonstrates that he certainly has a taste for the fine and flamboyant things in life. But under the glitz, glam, and hissed choruses of his new single, “Going Out” is a scrappy core that even The Thin White Duke would be hard pressed not to admire. Do you feel like going out tonight? Why yes, yes we do.

The party is just getting started. Rhedin’s debut EP Oui! will see the light day on Sept. 20th via Red Eye Transit and Captured Tracks. - Words by Laura Studarus

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Artist of the Week: Vote For Your Favorite

by Suzy Exposito | 383 days ago

Who was your favorite featured artist this week? You have until 11am EST next Friday to cast your vote for the next Artist of the Week! Choose between the following:

Milky Chance

Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch met in high school, bonded over a shared love of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and decided to form a 4-piece jazz band with some pals. A few years later they traded retro jazz for indie pop, and Milky Chance — a clever name they insist has no deeper meaning — was born. Shortly after uploading “Stolen Dance” to YouTube, the duo’s reggae-tinged, electro-dance jam drew more than 136 million streams and went on to hit number one in 15 countries.

Bevar Sea

Doom metal is often caught in extremes, and while we love those to death, sometimes life calls for a golden medium. India’s Bevar Sea delivers just that, splicing together classic, catchy riffs with genuine attitude. Roaring proudly out of Bengaluru, they’ve created a demand for doom where there once was none. They’ve developed a following without a local musical precedent, all by nodding heavily to greats like Sabbath, Sleep and Pentagram, but dodging any tropes that lead to dead ends.

Junior Astronomers

Tucked away in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, indie rock quartet Junior Astronomers were one of the best kept secrets of the South for years — until their explosive performance at this year’s Afropunk Festival. With a sound best described as emotive post-punk, the band delivered nothing short of a striking set, in which the band members played themselves into distortion-laden reverie, catapulted by the passionate vocal lunges of frontman Terrence Richard.

Tkay Maidza

When we first lent our ears and eyes to Tkay Maidza’s latest music video “Uh-Huh” – a noisy-electro, glitchy banger charged with minty fresh rhymes and dizzying synths — we were like, “Uh, whuuuut!” No doubt, this Zimbabwe-birthed Aussie MC can definitely spit an ill flow, and while at it, she does it with a flawless, cool sophistication and swag (yes, we dared to say swag because she gots it).

Oliver Dollar

Even before Oliver Dollar (aka, Oliver Siebert) hit it big in 2011 with the Beatport-topping track “Doin’ Ya Thing,” one could say the dance DNA was in him. Dollar’s latest, another collaboration with Jimi Jules titled “Pushing On” (premiered by Pete Tong) got a proper release from Ministry of Sound on August 29th. It’s far more house than Berlin techno with its funk bassline and diva-like vocal sample. Vintage Dollar, if you will; a producer and DJ who is a bit more party-centric than cerebral, though there’s no fault in this musical strategy.


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US Premiere: Watch the New Video for Raglans’ “White Lightning”

by Suzy Exposito | 383 days ago

Attention US readers! Coming to you from across the pond is Irish rock quartet Raglans, with a brand new video for their latest single, “White Lightning.”  According to Urban, white lightning is a special, high-proof moonshine. But lead singer Stephen Kelly told Clash Magazine: “The song is not about cider! It’s about being away from someone and thinking a lot about it, how and where it began which is usually always the best part. I’d honestly never even heard of White Lightning cider when I wrote the lyrics so let’s nip that in the bud shall we?”

A totally tender yet rocking pop song, the video ramps up the charm factor of Raglans’ “White Lightning” with some playful and innovative stop-motion sequences. In case our word is not enough, read this glowing review of the Dublin four-piece by our international correspondent Laura Studarus. Or even better — catch them on their European tour with The Fray this fall.

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Win Tickets to See Calle 13 in DC!

by Suzy Exposito | 384 days ago

We know our Iggy fam likes loves Calle 13. Like, a lot. That’s why we’re offering our Twitter followers a chance to see the iconoclastic hip-hop duo live during their five city US tour. We’re giving away one pair of tickets to see Residente and Visitante for their New York, Washington DC and San Francisco dates.

This time, we’re giving away tickets to see Calle 13 at Echostage in DC on Friday, September 26. To attend the concert at Echostage, you must be 16 years old or accompanied by an adult. To score tickets, all you have to do is follow MTV Iggy on Twitter (unless you are one of the awesome people who already follow us), retweet our tweet about the contest and then tweet your favorite Calle 13 lyric at us. One winner will be chosen at random for each city. You have from now until 5pm on Wednesday, September 24th to win! The winner will be announced early Thursday morning (September 25).

Upcoming Dates

9/26 – DC, Echostage

9/27 – Philadelphia, Merriam Theater

10/8 – San Diego House of Blues

10/10 – San Francisco, The Warfield

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Listen: Deptford Goth – “Two Hearts”

by MTV Iggy | 384 days ago

London-based singer-songwriter Deptford Goth (AKA Daniel Woolhouse) may wear his heart on his sleeve, but he’s singing through a lump in his throat. The second single of his forthcoming album Songs is a sweet guitar and handclap affair, with his voice evoking the fragility of Bon Iver. It’s a strong contrast to Deptford Goth’s previous, dense single, “The Lovers,” where electronics rather than strings take center stage. The two tracks share a potent comment thread. Woolhouse isn’t just singing about intimacy — he’s creating it.

For more lovelorn goodness, stay tuned. Deptford Goth will release his new album Songs on November 3rd on 37 Adventures. – Words by Laura Studarus

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Listen: Olympic Ayres – Leisureplex

by MTV Iggy | 385 days ago

Is your summer ending too soon? Yeah, we feel you. While Olympic Ayres may not have the ability to hold back time (even their electropop powers have limits), the Australian duo is bringing back a taste of the season’s sunshine with their new EP, Leisureplex. The pair of pals (Kamaliza and Mmiiddii) traffic exclusively in bright musical statements. From the airy opening single “Take Flight” to the percussive album centerpiece, “Say My Name,” Olympic Ayres’ pop hooks, rock riffs, and Balearic beats are so luminous that wearing shades to listen wouldn’t entirely be out of order.

Leisureplex is due out on September 17th. Ahead of that, we’re pleased to host this stream of Leisureplex. Take a listen to it below. – Words by Laura Studarus 

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Listen: Future Brown – “Wanna Party” (Remix feat. Tink and 3D Na’Tee)

by Suzy Exposito | 386 days ago

Today DJ/producer supergroup Future Brown (comprised of Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri, and J-Cush) announced their debut on Warp Records: a double single titled Wanna Party / World’s Mine. Combining elements of grime, rap, dancehall, reggaeton and global bass, their artful international fusion is comparable to a heavily stamped passport.

Their intoxicating first single, “Wanna Party” features the talents of up-and-coming MCs including New Orleans’ 3D Na’Tee and Chicago’s Tink who is currently working on her debut album with hip-hop wizard Timbaland. Listen to the track (and check out their tour dates) below:

Tour Dates:
10/24 – Ekko Fest – Bergen, Norway –
11/7 – Club 2 Club – Turin, Italy –
12/4 – PAMM Presents (Art Basel) – Miami, FL –

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David Broza Launches Indiegogo Campaign for East Jerusalem-West Jerusalem Movie

by MTV Iggy | 387 days ago

In 2013, Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza did something highly unusual. He gathered Palestinian, Israeli, and American musicians at the only recording studio in East Jerusalem, with the aim of building bridges in a conflicted region through music, and just to see what would happen. The result was a full-length album titled East Jerusalem-West Jerusalem, released this year. Speaking of the project, Broza told MTV Iggy, “Music has the potential to be one of the most fundamental and important elements in building any mutual ground and paving the road for the future.”

As it turns out, he also filmed this musical meeting, which included Palestinian hip-hop group G-Town and the Palestinian-Israeli Jerusalem YMCA Youth Choir and he wants to share the experience through a behind-the-scenes documentary film.

The make this a reality Broza has started an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the producing, editing and final sharing of the film. Rewards for donating range from a David Broza t-shirt to a private meet and greet with the world-famous artist himself. For a $5 donation your photo can be added to the “bridge builder wall” at and included in an upcoming video clip. Five precent of the proceeds from the film will go to organizations that were involved in the project, such as Polyphony, the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Jerusalem YMCA Youth Choir.

Watch the MTV Iggy produced music video for the title track, featuring Wyclef:

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