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Kelela Just Wants To Get High (On Love)

by Joseph JP Patterson | 73 days ago

Experimental R&B songbird Kelela has followed up her superb grime-leaning mixtape, Cut 4 Me, with a new number entitled “The High.” First appearing on Kitty Cash’s Love The Free compilation last year, we now get to fully experience Miss. Mizanekristos’ seductive treat without any interruptions. For near-six minutes, LA-based Kelela—armed with her breathy falsetto—longs for love’s high over Gifted & Blessed’s minimal, pulsating bass production; laying each gospel-inflected riff and run bare for all the world to hear. Tune in to the sultry sounds of this future-thinking talent, after the jump.

Kelela’s upcoming live show dates:

3/12 – 3/14 Austin, TX – SXSW
4/2 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
4/3 New York, NY – Rough Trade

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Grime’s Griminal Gets It On With House

by Joseph JP Patterson | 74 days ago

MCing over house music is like sleeping with your best friend’s wifey: it’s an unforgivable sin… I’m just hoping the house gods let this next one slide though, ‘cos it’s a bit of a banger! East London-hailing Griminal is one of the top-tier MCs in grime, known for his venomous flow and quick-witted rhymes. But, on “Get It On,” his second collaboration with producer-come-artist Shift K3Y, he tones it all the way down and toys with a piano-driven, percussion-laced house beat. The single’s being released via Grimson’s self-owned record label, Sound Boy Recordings, in April. Stream the smoothness in full down below.

P.S. If you thought that was a little too slick, then get your ears and screwfaces round “Faded,” Griminal’s recent aggressive effort produced by Brighton’s top trap boy, Hucci:

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Suzi Analogue UziFlips Death Grips

by MTV Iggy | 75 days ago

New York based artist Suzi Analogue is best known for her ingenious vocal and production contributions to today’s genre-bending urban music. Less than 24 hours ago, she released a ghoulish remix for Death Grips’ “Stockton” (Never Normal Records) which features her warped background hums, trap style arrangement and esteemed remnants of golden hip-hop records like Dead Prez’s “Hip-Hop” and Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.”

Just last week, Death Grips, the rebellious do-it-yourself experimental hip-hop group from Sacramento, California, tweeted two links inviting everyone to download stems for their “Government Plates” and “NO LOVE DEEP WEB” albums for free. It inspired Analogue to create whats she calls an “UziFlip.”

Listen to “Suzi Analogue vs Death Grips – Stockton [Uziflip]” below. —Words by Richardine Bartee

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Wining and Divining: MTV Iggy’s 2014 Soca Predictions

by MTV Iggy | 76 days ago

While the United States has been preoccupied with its annual Super Bowl Sunday, Trinidad and Tobago is gearing up for its own, more musically-centered Super Bowl– the 2014 Carnival. With this year’s Carnival less than a month away, and the International Soca Monarch semi-finals this Sunday, February 9th, the internet is buzzing with soca speculations. Should soca champs Machel Montano and Super Blue be worried about keeping their titles this year? With the help of Trinidadian Facebook users and extensive YouTube research, we present to you our own humble opinions:

1) Machel Montano will probably win International Soca Monarch this year, because well, duh. The man is a powerhouse. After sweeping both Groovy and Power Soca titles in the last couple of years, we believe he’s truly unstoppable. Just watch last year’s performance of “Float”, in which Montano soared above the stage as the Soca Superman:

2) Between veteran Soca Monarch SuperBlue and divas like Destra Garcia and Nadia Batson, it looks like the Groovy Soca competition will be particularly FIERCE this year. However, we’re going out on a limb and guessing that smooth-talker Kerwin Du Bois will take the title for this year’s Groovy Soca Monarch. He poses a double-threat as a successful artist-producer, having produced hits for Soca Monarchs past like Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin. But he’s also got one of the biggest song catalogs for the Carnival 2014, jam-packed with hits like “Press A Button” and “Too Real.” See for yourself:

3) Many fans were crestfallen after Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez dropped out of last year’s Soca Monarch competition. But after the releases of heavy-hitters like Garlin’s “Differentology” (which tied for our 2013 Song of the Year)  and Lyons-Alvarez’ “Done D Party” they couldn’t possibly be completely absent from the festivities– word has it they’ll be guest performers at the big show on Fantastic Friday. But in fact, we’re counting on them to descend upon the stage in Batman and Robin costumes and duke it out DC comic book style with Soca Superman Montano. Perhaps this is not a prediction so much as it is  a daydream.

4) Because the International Soca Monarch competition is saturated with seasoned veterans, young talent is often overlooked every year– until now. By introducing the category of Breakthrough Artist of the Year, the competition has opened up immensely for new artists to gain recognition. Some competitors like the contagious Erphaan Alves and fabulous Farmer Nappy have been making waves in soca for years. But our money is on newcomer Jo Jo, whose dance hit “Shake Dat” has the potential to hype up both the international club crowd and local soca enthusiasts.

5) For the People’s Choice competition, in which Digicel subscribers vote for their favorite artist through text message, it’s usually given that the crowned International Soca Monarch will also earn the People’s Choice prize. SuperBlue’s glorious comeback last year earned him the highest favor of fans. But will history repeat itself this year? Here’s what people had to say on our Facebook page:

For the sake of variety, we’d love it if a total rookie player in the competition won this year’s People’s Choice award. But in reality, perhaps because of his rumored Illuminati membership or because of his magnetic stage presence, we’ll trust Facebook and assume Machel Montano may work his magic on the audience once more.

Who are you betting on this year? Check out the full list of 2014 International Soca Monarch competitors and stay tuned for this Sunday’s semi-final round.

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Artist of the Week: Vote for Your Favorite

by Suzy Exposito | 79 days ago

It’s that time again– vote in our Artist of the Week poll! You have until next Friday at 11am EST to vote for the best international artist we’ve featured this week. Check out our fabulous list of artists below and choose wisely!

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma makes the kind of music that sounds good even if you’re shivering while Googling fancy cocktail recipes and photos of sunny beaches. It’s already summer in the band’s native New Zealand, and they’re clearly out to soundtrack the season. The trio’s feathery synths and whispery vocals float on a warm breeze.

Phoenix Martins

London singer-songwriter and glamor girl Phoenix Martins is still a new kid on the block, but her Royal Dreaminess is generating buzz all over the interwebs. She carries herself with a regal poise that is trailed by deeply evocative, orchestral music and breathy, yet soulful vocals. Not one for the fist-pumping party jams, Martins seems to float ethereally between dreampop and alt-R&B like a lovelorn specter looking for a kindred spirit.

Talal Qureshi

Talal Qureshi put the trap in entrapment in his satirical ode to Pakistani police officers in “Lollicops.” He began producing in 2007, but his debut EP, Equator, was released in 2012. With that EP, he established his comfort in cinematic, over-the-top electronic music with playful approaches to dubstep, EDM, and glitch hop. He raised his profile within Pakistan with his 2013 EP x1988, which features trippy, intoxicating single “Clubbing in Multan.”

Apey and the Pea

Created from the ashes of a Pantera cover band, guitarist/vocalist Andras “Apey” Aron, bassist/vocalist Prepelicza Zoltan and drummer Makai Laszlo have made rumblings in prominent metal publications. The amount of groove and boogie on the impressively produced Devil’s Nectar’s “Hashman Groove” and “Four Horseman” displays a wisdom that belies their age. The attention to detail is refreshing and adds a meaty physicality to the music.

Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere’s debut album Everlast feels like it was composed, recorded, and engineered in a faraway world screened off from pop music. While there’s a well-spring of pleasures in her melodic singing, quiet folksy guitar strumming, and distant, untraceable polyrhythmic drumming, the dark romance of the album doesn’t subscribe to the instantly gratifying, overt messaging of what rises to the top of the pops.

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Hungary’s Boggie Shows What It Takes to Be a Pop Star: Photoshop

by MTV Iggy | 79 days ago

Csemer Boglárka may be a very common name in Hungary, but if you want to make it big around the world, you’re probably going to need something a bit shorter. Boggie, as Csemer is better known, has built a career in the Europe for years, attracting crowds at festivals and club shows all over.

Until recently, Boggie was only a well-known name in the Hungarian jazz scene, which isn’t exactly how stars are made. In order to break out, she was going to need something bigger. It’s a good thing we live in the world of viral videos. For the release of new single “Nouveau Parfum,” the artist created a stunning and eye-opening clip about what it means to look like a pop star. What starts out as a fairly straightforward video of Boggie singing to the camera becomes a step-by-step photoshop routine. While she’s certainly pretty to begin with, by the time the song is over, she’s ready for a magazine cover — and unrecognizable.

With so many songs focused on the idea that people are perfect just as they are, it’s nice to see a visual treatment that actually matches the message. While the actual words are in French, the message of the song comes through loud and clear regardless of what language you speak. —Words by Hugh McIntyre

BOGGIE – NOUVEAU PARFUM (official music video) from THE SOUP on Vimeo.

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