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PREMIERE: Club Mod Celebrates Two Years with Vol. 1

PREMIERE: Club Mod Celebrates Two Years with Vol. 1

By Alexis Stephens | October 24, 2013

Club Mod is the dance imprint for Australia’s Modular Records. It’s celebrating 2 years of existence by releasing a compilation called Club Mod Vol. 1, which also conveniently serves as a statement of purpose. The label is defining itself as the club kid on the block, exploring the depths of acid house, minimal techno, and Italo disco. It’s not a collection to plod through—each track builds upon ideas from the last and holds up either as a part of the collection or on its own.

The Kyodai remix for “Breakthrough” by wordlife is a perfect example of Club Mod’s preference for long-cresting build-ups, velvety far-away vocal samples, and uncomplicated, but penetrating percussion. Software’s “Believe” and the sampling oddity “Telephone Funk” by Pink Gin stand out.

Club Mod Vol. 1 will be available October 28 in the UK, Europe, and Australia and October 29 in the US.

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