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PREMIERE: Swedish Raps over Electronica Via INGRD

PREMIERE: Swedish Raps over Electronica Via INGRD

By Amy Andrieux | November 14, 2012

photo by Tomas.Nordmark

Who’s afraid of the dark? We’re not, and neither is the Swedish collective INGRD. Welcome the latest band to add to the merry crew of eclectic musicians, Bloody Mess. And you thought they only did indie rock and electronica.

This electronic rap tune is a result of a collaboration between the avant garde duo Kriget! and Sweden’s most beloved rappers, Adam Tensta and Michel Dida. With edited sequences from this year’s Roskilde Festival cut by John Toorell (yes, he did The Hives video too), the vid offers a stunning black and white, skull and bones kind of feel. While the song, titled “Dragons,” well, that just sounds like fire where we’re from….

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