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Pretty Atmospherics From Germany’s Apparat

Pretty Atmospherics From Germany’s Apparat

By toksala | April 5, 2011

Between Keep Shelly in Athens, Taragana Pyjarama, and La Big Vic, washed out indie pseudo-soundscape is becoming the new black — if you spend your day chained to the blogosphere. So I thought I’d throw in this pretty new one from Berlin’s Apparat to test the waters.

On the verge of releasing a new album, Apparat just dropped a new single called “Ash/Black Veil.” I’m not sure why he’s vacillating between “ash” and “black,” but the song is very pretty, albeit slow to build and quite tense in the duration.

Somewhere amidst all those choppy mandolin (?) plucks, grating violin (?) bowing, and mounting drum rolls that never do descend into an “unsta unsta,”  he sings like Thom Yorke.  He doesn’t just sing, he soars.

Apparat is an electronic producer first and foremost, which makes this piece all the more impressive. The components may be repeating, but they don’t scream “looped.” Each note is perfectly nuanced. You can tell he slaved over this one.

Hear “Ash/Black Veil.”

Apparat – Ash/Black Veil by Mute Artists

Photo Credit: !K7 Records

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