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RaNia Kicks Another One to the Curb with “Just Go”

RaNia Kicks Another One to the Curb with “Just Go”
Image: DR Music

By Corynn Smith | March 8, 2013

Sexy idol group RaNia continues the studio album streak this year with Goodbye is the New Hello, their first full-length effort since their 2011 debut.  In addition to the new lead track  and MV, the ladies also have some exciting news for fans.

Dance/pop single “Just Go,” one of two brand new tracks on Goodbye is the New Hello, stays true to the confident image the RaNia has been rocking since the beginning with lyrics about telling an ex to hit the road and powerful choreography.

By the way, RaNia returned as five members again for this comeback — Riko won’t be promoting with the girls this time around, but at least Jooyi is back from her hiatus.

Though the status of their US promotions were unclear for a while, DR Music and Yedang Entertainment have assured fans that RaNia will indeed debut overseas this year. The ladies will officially kick off their overseas activities with a documentary on MTV this summer, focusing solely on driving buzz in the States for the second half of the year.

Goodbye is the New Hello Tracklist

01. “Just Go”
02. “Secret Party”
03. “Killer”
04. “Style”
05. “Dr. Feel Good”
06. “Masquerade”
07. “Pop Pop Pop”
08. “Good Bye”
09. “Just go (Eng ver.)”
10. “Dr. Feel good (Eng ver.)”
11. “Masquerade (Eng ver.)”

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