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Romie’s Japanese Soca Party Is Legend

Romie’s Japanese Soca Party Is Legend
Photo courtesy of the artist

By Beverly Bryan | January 16, 2013

By now some people have heard about the reggae and dancehall scene in Japan. The soca scene is still a little more underground, but that doesn’t mean Tokyo soca parties aren’t legendary. (Ask around and see what people say about DJ Hemo.)

Enter Tokyo-based dancehall and soca vocalist Romie (Roh-Mee-Eh) and her latest track “The Legend Party.” Her high-energy J-pop twist on groovy soca rhythms leaves us wanting to hear more. We’re hearting her attitude too. The singer claims on her blog that her biggest weakness and biggest strength is being a hatchiken. Translated that means a super-tough girl with eight balls. (Remember, most dudes only get two.) She has courageous style, that’s for sure. We can’t get over the combination of the leopard-print suit and corset belt.

Check it out and tell us: Could the Bacchanalian sounds of Trinidad and Tobago become a global movement?

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