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Secret Sheds Rare Tears for “Talk That” MV

Secret Sheds Rare Tears for “Talk That” MV
Image Credit: TS Entertainment

By Karen Shin | December 4, 2012

Who knew Secret could be anything other than bright and confident? Their new music video definitely “talks” for itself, showing the girls being vulnerable and heartbroken, and all. But do you think you’re ready for this foursome’s latest transformation?

Yup, Secret made a complete 180 for their new image to promote “Talk That,” a ‘French-electric’ style song about a heartsick girl who’s just had her feelings toyed with.

The girls’ acting abilities in their emotional new MV really impressed us, especially JiEun, who even has a kiss scene. But what was the best kept “secret” of all? Rapper Zinger can actually sing! What, don’t believe us? Watch the music video below and hear for yourself:

We like this new side of Secret, what about you?

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