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Sexy Brazilian Freak Daniel Peixoto Unveils New MV

Sexy Brazilian Freak Daniel Peixoto Unveils New MV

By Suyeon Kim | October 4, 2011

Our former Artist of the Week Daniel Peixoto has not been resting on his fabulous laurels since he won our contest back in July. The omni-sexual techno diva has been hard at work in his native Brazil, where he’s just completed another visual feast of a video. For “Olhos Castanhos” (“Brown Eyes”), off his debut record Shine, he’s starred in and directed a video that taps into his particularly Brazilian vibe — part sexy freak, part spiritual devotee.

He writhes in the sand, runs through the desert in what looks like a colonial woman’s intimate wear, and prances around in the costumes of the reisados, folks in the northeast of Brazil who go door-to-door after Christmas, singing and praising Jesus. The song is about self-flagellation and the nobility of suffering, so you see where the Christian angle comes in. Bonus connection: the tambourine rhythm in the song, which cuts against its otherwise industrial tone, comes from forro, a musical style native to that region. I love learning about culture, while watching a naughty video at the same time. But don’t worry, this video is basically SFW.

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