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So… is Doldrums in Your Playlist?

So… is Doldrums in Your Playlist?

By Amy Andrieux | January 17, 2013

We don’t know what you’re waiting for exactly, but you need to go ahead and get on the Airick Woodhead-produced project, Doldrums, like ASAP. Besides, who doesn’t want psych-pop from Montreal nowadays? And while the 23-year old artist (who used to perform alongside Grimes) is just beginning to shine, his debut album Lesser Evil shows some serious mad scientist potential, like where the fuck is this music factory that is churning out Canadians on the regular, though?! So hurry up and buy, k (especially the Egypt EP).

Meanwhile, listen to Anomaly, his lastest single to drop below. And if you’ll be in Canada or Europe sometime soon, peet Doldrums’ upcoming spot dates.

Lesser Evil Tracklisting 
01. Intro
02. Anomaly
03. She Is The Wave (ft. Guy Dallas)
04. Sunrise
05. Egypt
06. Holographic Sandcastles (ft. Sami Nacomi)
07. Singularity Acid Face
08. Lesser Evil
09. Golden Calf
10. Lost in Everyone
11. Painted Black

Winter 2013 Tour Dates 

02.15.13 – The Great Hall – Toronto, ON
02.20.13 – Corsica Studios – London, UK
02.21.13 – Prince Albert – Brighton, UK
02.22.13 – Fireworks Festival at Point Ephémère – Paris, FR
02.23.13 – Nieuwe Anita – Amsterdam, NL
02.26.13 – Rough Trade East, In-Store – London, UK

More on Doldrums from TEAM Iggy, here.

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