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Speech Debelle Reveals “Live For The Message” Video And Refix

Speech Debelle Reveals “Live For The Message” Video And Refix

By Beverly Bryan | November 29, 2012

Speech Debelle just shared a new video for “Live for the Message” off her sophomore album Freedom of Speech, released this year. The clip is as stripped-down and strikingly honest as the UK MC’s song. Starting with Debelle embarking on an online walkabout, its style is unvarnished but the storytelling is no less effective. There’s more to it than a mere late night Google Images search collage. Stick with her and you’ll see this is a search for something much deeper than funny cat videos:

By contrast, the refix which features Debelle’s fellow UK rappers Akala, DELS, Genesis Elijah, Jaja Soze, CONFUCIUS MC, Aks, Rain Freedom and Kasha Rae, is packed with some pretty obvious verbal fireworks, nevertheless conveying some subtle reflections. It sounds like Debelle’s message resonated with quite a few people.

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