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Stream: Eureka the Butcher’s Homespun “Music for Mothers”

Stream: Eureka the Butcher’s Homespun “Music for Mothers”

By Alexis Stephens | May 22, 2013

Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez is usually known for playing percussion or keyboards in bands The Mars Volta or Zechs Marquise. As a child, his mother encouraged him to pursue the piano as an addition to the drums that he preferred, so he would always have the opportunity to perform as a solo act. While on tour with his other bands, Rodriguez-Lopez concocted with the synthesizer-driven sounds of Eureka the Butcher, his alter ego. Those works have been collected in the album Music for Mothers, set for release May 28.

The full album stream for Music for Mothers is available today. Check out how he chops up alien synth lines and stuttering rhythms to create otherworldly electronica worthy of any momma’s praise.

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