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Sway & Kano’s Still Got Love For Da Streets

Sway & Kano’s Still Got Love For Da Streets

By Joseph JP Patterson | January 30, 2013

If you don’t know Sway and Kano, then you don’t know UK hip-hop. While KA has been fronting the new Mercedes Benz A-Class campaign, Sway has been busy getting those Top 40 hits in. The last time the two rappers joined forces was on Sway’s “Still Speedin’” remix, but now they’re taking their musical relationship to the next level by releasing an official single together.

Co-produced by Giorgio Tuinfort (David Guetta, Akon), Fuller Refix, and Sway himself, “Still Sway & Kane” pays homage to Dr Dre’s classic, “Still D.R.E.” However, the two double-time flow specialists are joined by subtle dubstep sounds and a singer by the name of Tigger Da Author to give the tune a fresh twist. This is a prime example of sampling gone right.

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