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T-ara’s Jiyeon is Caught in an Underage Stripping Scandal

T-ara’s Jiyeon is Caught in an Underage Stripping Scandal
Photo Credit: Naver

By MTV K | October 6, 2010

Netizens have done it again. On October 5th, various online communities began to upload a 35-minute video clip of a girl stripping and speaking obscenely. They speculated that the girl in question was T-ara’s Jiyeon and the media began to report the news.

Core Contents Media immediately released a statement saying that they checked with Jiyeon and she says it was not her but someone who looks like her. Her parents also spoke to the company and said that she is emotionally scarred and they want to take legal action against the media for writing the articles without confirmation.

Jiyeon’s members tweeted their feelings toward the scandal and Soyeon said, “Breathe, Soyeon…Even someone condemned by God deserves his pity.. but does only God know?…This world, wretched world…You really think you know, sigh.”

Eunjung said, “I want to buy you some oxygen [to Soyeon], why aren’t they selling it in the shop? ㅠㅠ makes me angry! Today’s entire schedule and Strong Heart recording [is with all the members] !! It’s only for a short time.. but being with all my precious members makes me happy.. ‘-’ ♡..!! truly”


I’d say the girl is definitely too similar to Jiyeon to be dismissed as a look-a-like. The media has already begun to backtrack and her company is doing their best to cover this up. If it’s eventually forgotten, that would be the best case scenario but netizens have never been known to let anything go without a fight.

However, there’s always two sides to a story and there is both evidence that it might be her and that it might not be her. The first picture below points out that the room in the video and the room in the second picture with Jiyeon aren’t the same. The last picture shows the face of the girl in the video.

Photo Credit: Nate


Photo Credit: Nate

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