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Tablo’s Tajinyo Case Rings its “Official” Death Knell

Tablo’s Tajinyo Case Rings its “Official” Death Knell
Photo: YG Entertainment

By Janine Bower | January 8, 2013

We thought we were finished with Tablo‘s lawsuit a few months ago… But apparently it wasn’t until today that is. It seems that Epik High‘s Tablo can truly breathe easy now that the last component of his TaJinYo defamation lawsuit has been taken care of, leaving one TaJinYo member’s case for appeal, officially, 100% denied.

For over two years, Tablo has been dealing with the TaJinYo members and their cries for the “truth” behind his educational background. And yet, even after Seoul’s Central District court sentenced a group of Tablo’s main defamers to jail time, this case was still far from over.

In September last year, the members of the TaJinYo defamers group entered this case into the court of appeals, but by October, each of the cases had been denied save for one. A Mr. Kim was still battling against his sentence.

Epik High Member Tablo Photo: YG Entertainment

Now that Mr. Kim has finally been denied an appeal, he is set to carry out his eight-month suspension sentence for two years, meaning, if he violates his 2-year probation sentence, then he will be forced to serve eight months in jail. And with that the TaJinYo case may now enter the history books.

Why do you think Mr. Kim held on to his innocence for so long? Did he really still think that Tablo faked his educational records after all this time?

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