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Take An Icelandic Chamber Pop Vacation With Árstíðir!

Take An Icelandic Chamber Pop Vacation With Árstíðir!

By toksala | February 19, 2011

There is something at once familiar and enchantingly strange about Reykjavik chamber folk band Árstíðir. (Pronounce it a bit like our-stee-der.) Maybe it’s got to do with the smooth way they combine classical and Icelandic folk influences.

Something about it tugs at you. Did you hear it in a dream? Did you hear something like it when you were very small? Árstíðir is similar to some other Icelandic bands in that they sound big and orchestral like Sigur Ros and, like Ölöf Arnalds, they strike that magic balance between intimacy and mystery. But beside those comparisons, the septet is, if not utterly unique, at least very uncommon.

Among their uncommon attributes are uncommonly perfect vocal harmonies and uncommonly haunting melodies. Here, in this video, you can watch them perform in an uncommonly beautiful setting, the Fríkirkjan church in Reykjavik. It’ll make you want to pull on a bulky sweater and slide into a seat in the audience. Or make you feel like you already have. Either way, it will probably leave you craving a real Icelandic getaway. If you can’t afford one, you can at least grab the live EP they made from that concert. Or even get their self-titled debut LP.

See why Árstíðir could be good for tourism:

Árstíðir – You Just Have to Know of Me (Live in Fríkirkjan) from Iceland Music Export on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: Árstíðir

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