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Taking the World On: An Update on the 2NE1/ Collaboration

Taking the World On: An Update on the 2NE1/ Collaboration

By Corynn Smith | April 8, 2012

Fans have been in a frenzy since 2NE1 announced their collaboration with world famous artist and producer for various music projects, including a U.S. debut! The collaboration was announced in 2009, and while we’ve still have yet to hear a full song, we’ve recently been treated to a few teasers and tidbits of info!

 On March 1, this fan caught a snippet of a yet-unreleased 2NE1 song on their cameras at Club Answer in Seoul. Netizens originally thought that this was the long-awaited US debut single, but it turns out that the track was composed by with DJ Poet and 2NE1 for the Intel Ultrabook.  The video features DJ Poet, Bom, Dara, and CL (Minzy was too young to enter the club) jamming to a clip of the song tentatively named “Take the World On” with the rest of the club.

On March 26, fans were given a clearer preview of the same song through a promotional video. The PV is probably for Intel, but my guess is that 90% of people watching the video are totally focused on hearing every scrap of the new song that they can. In the video, and DJ Poet share their thoughts on the girls and viewers get a glimpse of the recording process.

Want to track the collaboration from the beginning? 2NE1 TV covered the girls meeting in this Season 2 episode in 2010. Check out 2NE1′s official YouTube channel for more episodes and clips, and stay tuned to MTV K for future updates!


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