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The GTW Goes Global-Fi With BengFang

The GTW Goes Global-Fi With BengFang

By Beverly Bryan | September 10, 2012

It’s been awhile since we caught up with Chicago rapper The GTW but it is definitely time now. 4814, his new EP with Chicago producer BengFang finds him sounding pretty mean. The EP contains four inventive mixtures of Chi-town’s electronic and hip-hop roots with subtle musical references to The GTW and BengFang’s personal roots in Nigeria and China respectively. They call it global-fi.

As the vocalist himself told us:

“For 4814 we put both of our influences together and decided to modernize it more. We both love hard bass beating sounds (because we reside in Chicago). We decided to clash our modern influences with our traditional. You could hear the clash in songs like “4814″ and “Cold Shoulder” with the post tribal like snare patterning.”

Or, you know, you could just listen. We like the title track a lot.

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