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Think You’re Ready for “A Violent Sky”?

Think You’re Ready for “A Violent Sky”?

By Amy Andrieux | January 8, 2013

No, not snow and windstorms or anything like that. We’re talking the newest tune to come from the house of German electronic musician, Apparat (nee Sacha Ring). Even if you’re not truly prepped for App’s apparent deep dive into the arts—less visual, more theatrical and really, really deep— for his forthcoming album Krieg Und Frieden (Music for Theatre), don’t worry. You won’t have to study Tolstoy’s War & Peace to get it, although App did before basing his new full-length album on Sebastian Hartmann’s theater production of it. (Thanks Sacha, this is sure to be a conversation starter at the Armory Show this year….)

Listen to the album’s first single, “A Violent Sky,” and download it below:

Krieg Und Frieden (Music for Theatre) is out digitally this February 19.

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