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Throwback Thursday: Everything Róisín Murphy

Throwback Thursday: Everything Róisín Murphy
Roisin Murphy in 1996, in her breakout band MOLOKO

By Halley Bondy | December 13, 2012

Irish electro-songstress Róisín Murphy seems to be coming back-ish (we hope we hope?). Not that she ever left, but a couple of releases in a row has to mean something, right?  She recently dropped  “Flash of Light” with Italian duo Luca C & Brigante, as well as her own sexy disco foray, “Stimulation” — her first single since 2010. While we wait — nay, beg — for more, we felt a little nostalgic for Róisín ‘s earlier work, including one of my favorite songs on the planet from way, way back. Like, all the way back to 2007.

By the time the sexy-yet-eternally-retro/classy Róisín unleashed “Overpowered” unto the earth, she’d already been at it for over decade, dropping a debut album and the charting-topping collaboration “Never Enough” in the meantime. But there’s something about “Overpowered,” — the Frenchy influence, the fact that it’s a precursor to everything you hear in electronic/pop fusion now — that makes it scream Róisín!!! (pronounced Ro-sheen) to me.

Here’s “Overpowered,” produced by Tom Elmhirst (Amy Winehouse, Adele) in 2007. By this time, she was blond.

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