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Throwback Thursday: Flying Nun Reissues Are Landing at Captured Tracks

Throwback Thursday: Flying Nun Reissues Are Landing at Captured Tracks
Image courtesy of Captured Tracks/Flying Nun

By Beverly Bryan | January 10, 2013

How perfect is this? Influential New Zealand label Flying Nun is teaming up with US indie label Captured Tracks to establish an American office for the label known for releasing early post-punk and indie bands like The Clean and The Dead C. Founded in 1981, Flying Nun has long been a byword for quirky charm and left-of-center pop brilliance.

As Captured Tracks founder Mike Sniper put it in a statement:

 As a young record collector, I always saw the label as a recommendation of quality and a constant source of inspiration. I would comb the shelves of every record store imaginable to secure anything and everything I could find. When I first heard the news that they’d bought back the rights, this partnership was something that was lingering in the back of my mind. I’m more than pleased that we can have any sort of involvement in revitalizing this amazing back catalog and returning it to record shelves the world over.

This partnership is kicking off with a series of reissues ranging from seminal out of print albums to releases from more obscure groups like cult favorite Toy Love. A double LP of that band’s material is set for release February 19th. Here’s a taste of what to expect.

Captured tracks is the perfect label to take on a project like this. We just hope they come out with some Bird Nest Roys:

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