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Two Door Cinema Club Doesn’t Deserve This Sexy Album Cover

Two Door Cinema Club Doesn’t Deserve This Sexy Album Cover

By Halley Bondy | February 1, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club’s provocative cover for their most recent album Beacon has spurred mild controversy for dangling a woman from the ceiling and lighting her up like a chandelier. Today, the Irish Franz Ferdinand-types defended the cover by calling it “sexy, not sexist” and of course the default defense: “art.”

Yes, an all-dude band literally transformed a woman’s body into a light fixture. In fact, the band has a long history of objectifying women, whether they’re putting them in half-naked fetal positions or forcing them to wear booty shorts and endure the band’s gross gawking. 

But, whatever who cares, we’ve all seen worse.

What really offends me is that Two Door Cinema Club’s music is too bland and terrible to deserve this kind of “arty” affront to the female gender, or anything “arty” or “sexy” at all. Their music is where sexy, in fact, goes to die. Someone like Kavinsky might be able to get away with an album cover like this, but can you really look at me with a straight face and say ‘man…these guys totally scream ‘vagina light’!!!!’”

Two Door, If you want to piss off women, at least stop wearing plaid, playing broseph rock, and looking like crap all the time.

On that note, I’ve gotta go change the bulb in my manjunk halogen.


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