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UK’s Yasmin Is Almost To The “Finish Line”

UK’s Yasmin Is Almost To The “Finish Line”

By toksala | February 14, 2011

UK Hip hop DJ-turned-pop diva Yasmin has released a sneak peek at her next single “Finish Line.” And it looks to be a bit of an anti-Valentine — albeit a gently philosophical one.

yasmin finish line

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The finish line referred to in the song is the end of a relationship. What we can tell you from the preview posted online is that the relationship in question has definitely run it’s course, but Yasmin is going to be just fine. Even if the some reflects on something in her own life, she has some trip-hop beats and a heck of a singing voice to keep her company.

It’s starting to look like we won’t be able to expect to many romantic ballads from the half-Iranian 22 year-old’s debut album. Her last single “On My Own” is about making on your own and being more than okay with that.

See her perform “Finish Line” all the way through here.

Meanwhile, we’re still on the look out for her debut album’s finish line.

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