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Vybz Kartel To Release Three-Disc Album From Behind Bars

Vybz Kartel To Release Three-Disc Album From Behind Bars
Vybz Kartel (Photo: courtesy of the artist)

By Marlon Bishop | September 9, 2013

Vybz Kartel is the most powerful force in Jamaican music today: this is a fact few on the island would dispute. The popular dancehall singer’s dominance of the scene was so absolute in its heyday that his incarceration in 2011 on murder and weapons charges was a hit to the entire reggae business, as industry insiders regularly complain these days.

Kartel Forever: Trilogy (Image courtesy of Tad's Records)

But it looks like the world’s reggae fans are about to have a reason to celebrate – and no, Kartel isn’t going to be let free anytime soon. He is still awaiting trial (over two years since his arrest!), but that hasn’t stopped him from preparing to release a ginormous, 60-track, three-disc album titled Kartel Forever: Trilogy. The album will mostly consist of re-issues of Kartel’s biggest tunes from the glory years immediately before his incarceration, but will also include a number of previously unreleased songs, including plenty of raunchy new tracks primed for our collective dancefloor misbehavior.

Kartel Forever: Trilogy drops on September 24 in physical and digital formats.

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