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Wepasodes: Maluca Is A Reality Star

Wepasodes: Maluca Is A Reality Star

By toksala | February 27, 2011

Ever wonder what Maluca’s life is like? I mean, ever wonder what it’s like to rock parties, hang out with Diplo, and hike around New York’s Washington Heights wearing  beer can hair rollers and red fringe stockings like in the “El Tigeraso” video?

Mad Decent’s Dominican ghettotech goddess knows you wonder, babies. That’s why she’s making her own Wepasodes reality series about her life premiering today, February 27, Dominican Independence Day.

So, what is Maluca’s life like, really? Judging from the Wepasodes trailer that is up right now, her life is completely bananas all the time and swag is always on the menu. Don’t worry, she’ll explain everything.


Photo: YouTube screen grab

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