Infinite x MTV K First Showcase Plans to Make 2NE1 Global Superstars! Plans to Make 2NE1 Global Superstars!
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By MTV K | August 15, 2011 recently did an interview with Cambio to talk about a TV special he worked on titled i am FIRST: Science is Rock and Roll.

By putting a spotlight on the U.S First robotics program, the show encourages young people to work towards academic excellence in the sciences — dubbing them “rock stars of the future.”

As the interview transitioned into technology of the future, girl group 2NE1 quickly made their way into the conversation:

As for his next project, is looking to countries outside the U.S. as inspiration. We asked him about one of the groups he’s producing, Korean group 2NE1.

“Ooh. K-pop. You want to talk about technology? The Koreans, in South Korea… that’s the future,” he said. “South Korea, boom. On the next level. Go check it out. K-Pop, that industry is exciting. 2NE1, that’s why I signed those girls and am producing them, to blow them up outside of Korea. 2NE1 has to be big in Brazil, America, England, Canada, Australia, everywhere. That’s my next project after ‘i am FIRST’ [source].

How soon can we expect 2NE1′s global takeover? The girls are planning to debut in Japan this September, starting with the Japanese versions of “I Am The Best” and “Hate You.” They’ve got their hands full with debut promotions: an album release set for September 19 and their first concerts scheduled for the end of September through the beginning of October.

So in the meantime, lessen your pain of waiting for 2NE1 to go to (and then come back from) Japan by watching 2NE1 TV Season 3 with English subs on the girls’ official YouTube channel!

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