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Wonder Girl’s Yubin Lost Weight On The “Jump Rope” Diet?

Wonder Girl’s Yubin Lost Weight On The “Jump Rope” Diet?

By toksala | June 11, 2010

Netizens and news sites have been talking about Wonder Girl’s Yubin’s weight loss recently and the Q&A section of Nate revealed that Yubin may have tried the “Jump Rope” diet.

Nate says that “Yubin along with Kim AhJoong, Park SolMi, Oh YooNa have all been trying the “Jump Rope” diet and it is very popular among young females.”

When MTV Iggy did the summer photoshoot with the Wonder Girls last month, we actually asked Yubin what her secret was. She replied that she hadn’t done anything special and had just walked a lot more than usual. At the photoshoot, she looked healthy and not overly thin as some of the news sites are making her out to be. I feel like I’m having deja vu because Yubin’s weight loss always becomes news when the Wonder Girls comeback.


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