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Wow, Fantastic Speedo: T.O.P Bares All on Strong Heart

Wow, Fantastic Speedo: T.O.P Bares All on Strong Heart
Photo Credit: SBS

By Janine Bower | April 2, 2012

On March 25, SBS’s Strong Heart premiered its “YG Special” many VIPs will never forget. T.O.P shared a hilarious story about wearing a speedo in Japan after being lent the bathing suit by the hotel Big Bang was staying at. The surprising anecdote delighted fans who have long wondered what the Big Bang member has been hiding under his clothes.

This latest speedo story begs the question, when will T.O.P finally reveal his body, if he’s so ready to strip down for his fellow Big Bang members? As of now, T.O.P has carved out a sexy niche among VIPs with his many other hot qualities, so why bother? And as for the fanservice for the rest of us, his group mates seem to be doing enough stripping for the five of them. Take for instance, G-Dragon and Taeyang’s full torso showings with their new tattoos, or the lack of clothing on Seungri and Daesung in “Fantastic Baby.” By now, Taeyang’s shirtlessness in the video was hardly a surprise, and yet netizens frenzied over the thought of T.O.P’s apparently “sensual” body, according to G-Dragon.

We’ll continue to love T.O.P, shirt or not, so the pressure for the choom-ing rap machine to strip may last until the end of time. For now, we’ll await the day he reveals what he’s hiding, because it seems that T.O.P is ready to strip for his fans only in his stories.

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