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ZE:A Parodies Bruno Mars

ZE:A Parodies Bruno Mars
Photo Credit: Star Empire Entertainment

By MTV K | November 18, 2011

ZE:A, aka Children of Empire, the 9-member group under Star Empire Entertainment recently released a parody of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.” Although ZE:A is quite late hopping on the Youtube-Bruno Mars-parody train, their agency still released the 1 min 58 sec video for fans to enjoy. The members donned Mars’s signature checkered flannel and ape masks while picking their boogers and kissing each other.

Now I’m fine with men being affectionate, but things get weird when you throw in monkey masks, sunglasses, Bruno Mars music, and a camera into the mix. Whatever their attentions were, it seems fans enjoyed seeing their boys acting goofy and silly.

The group just finished wrapping up their 2011 ZE:A SUPER LIVE at ZEPP in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan where an astounding 10,000+ fans came to support the members.

ZE:A is quickly rising to new heights of popularity in Japan and plan to release a new Japanese track called “Daily Daily” on November 22 in 3 different versions.

Check out the “Lazy Song” parody and teaser for their next single below!

ZE:A[제국의아이들] The Lazy Song

ZE:A “Daily Daily” Audio Teaser

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