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Atlanta, United StatesLaza Morgan’s Next Generation Crossover Reggae

Laza Morgan's Next Generation Crossover Reggae

February 1, 2012
Laza Morgan makes the kind of reggae jams you could almost take home to meet your mom. Almost. His tracks like "Crank It Out" have the gleaming surfaces and clean, thumping beats required to seduce...
London, United KingdomFreedom of Speech by Speech Debelle
Rating: 5

Freedom of Speech by Speech Debelle

Speech Debelle has an interesting relationship with her public. She won the Mercury Prize for her 2009 debut album, but subsequent sales were notoriously low. She released an incendiary track for free in...
Birmingham, United KingdomUK’s Lady Leshurr Speeds To The Top

UK’s Lady Leshurr Speeds To The Top

While I get crunk like everybody else do when Azealia Banks' "212" comes in after a David Guetta/Rihanna remix, I gotta say, if I wanna put my money on a girl who has her head on straight and is gonna get all "Nicki-Minaj-in-2012" (and they best be...
Hung Over With THE KOXX

Hung Over With THE KOXX

클릭 THE KOXX are changing the face of Korean music. The quintet's unabashed partying, punk rock, and lady-killing ways have been taking fans (namely, female ones) by storm in Seoul and beyond, transforming an industry where pop music has historically...