Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Alor Setar, MalaysiaYuna — S/T
Rating: 3.5

Yuna — S/T

After achieving stardom in her native Malaysia with emotionally and lyrically intricate indie pop, Yuna has released a self-titled album aimed at a global audience. For the production of this debut she...
Tokyo, JapanMolice — Neugravity
Rating: 3

Molice — Neugravity

Moddish Tokyo rockers Molice say they drew inspiration from the android-centric cult film Blade Runner for their third album Neugravity. Luckily, the music doesn't sound like it was made by robots....
Angers, FranceCatching Up With Pony Pony Run Run

Catching Up With Pony Pony Run Run

Two brothers, an art school pal, and a tour bus. What may sound like a pitch for a quirky sitcom is none other than Pony Pony Run Run, an indie electro trio and recent MTV Iggy Artist of the Week! The Nantes-based band has garnered some impressive...
Mexico City, MexicoCheckpoint: Mexico Rock City

Checkpoint: Mexico Rock City

It’s the headlining act of Saturday night in Mexico City, and a seemingly endless expanse of people -- reported at 60,000, though elsewhere reported at 80,000 -- swarms toward the stage. At last, the band rises from a platform in the middle of the...
Stockholm, SwedenSweden’s Sister Trashes Glam Metal

Sweden’s Sister Trashes Glam Metal

Name: Sister Most Like: Ratt, AFI When They Started: 2006 Genre: Punk/Metal The Sound: Angst and three day's worth of hair product build up We love the progressive pop sounds of Swedish songstresses like Amanda Mair and the indie folk of...
London, United KingdomMaya Jane Coles DJ-Kicks Compilation
Rating: 4

Maya Jane Coles DJ-Kicks Compilation

I probably shouldn't use words like "sophisticated" and "classy" in a review of house music, mainly cause it makes me sound like my high school art appreciation teacher. But I hope that by bringing...