Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
Brooklyn, United StatesGive by Balkan Beat Box
Rating: 2

Give by Balkan Beat Box

Balkan Beat Box broke out of NYC’s music underground in 2005 with a crazy, novel sound: Mediterranean-inflected bass with a dizzying array of influences, making for an unstoppable, global peacenik dance...
Copenhagen, DenmarkThe Trouble With Copenhagen’s Nabiha

The Trouble With Copenhagen’s Nabiha

Her sound is light-footed, fresh, and fun, with a Janelle Monae-esque flair for positive, fast-paced soul pop. Her voice is gorgeous, her hooks lush. It's little wonder her debut album Cracks topped Danish charts, with her single "Deep Sleep" going...
Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki’s Siinai Pursues Droning Glory

Helsinki’s Siinai Pursues Droning Glory

Somewhere between the classically informed drone of UK indie rockers Electrelane and the simply classic drone of Tangerine Dream you will find the Helsinki-based quartet Siinai. The group is less than a year old, but with their debut album Olympic...
Bromley, United KingdomMeet Seye, The Male, Nigerian Lana Del Rey

Meet Seye, The Male, Nigerian Lana Del Rey

Before even hearing Seye’s music, you'll be humbled by his resume. At the tender age of 22, British-Nigerian electropop virtuoso Seye Adelekan has already become the go-to guitarist for major players...
London, United KingdomThe Many Colors of Speech Debelle

The Many Colors of Speech Debelle

UK's 2009 Mercury Prize winner Speech Debelle (aka Corynne Elliott) poses a bit of a conundrum. She beat out Florence and The Machine to Britain's biggest music prize, the one that boosted many an unknown musician's career (hello Antony Hegarty), but...
Christchurch, New ZealandNZ’s Soulful Ladi6 Flows Like Water

NZ’s Soulful Ladi6 Flows Like Water

A smooth soul sister from the deep, deep, deep South, Ladi6 is dominating New Zealand and coming for the rest of us. Her smooth voice, with just a touch of sexy rasp, summons the cool of Mary J. Blige with the throwback vibes of Amy Winehouse, but one...