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London, United KingdomUK’s Keel Her Rocks Bedroom Pop

UK's Keel Her Rocks Bedroom Pop

March 9, 2012
Almost every day, Rose Keeler-Schäffeler AKA Keel Her uploads another lo-fi pop track to her SoundCloud account. The songs have names like "dude, where's my alien space mask?" and the sound lands in a catchy, psyched-out place somewhere between Daniel...
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaYa by Banda De Turistas
Rating: 4

Ya by Banda De Turistas

Let’s face it, Buenos Aires is a nostalgic rock and roll kind of city, where mullets never died and the Rolling Stones are more of an object of religious worship than a band.  So when the cherub-faced...
Oslo, NorwayNorwegian Adventures with Torgny

Norwegian Adventures with Torgny

To love Torgny's melancholy electropop is to love his documentary-style music videos. The solo Oslo producer gained notoriety in 2010 for his beautiful trilogy of MVs for the songs "The Only Game," "Big Day," and "I Came Here," off his debut Chameleon...
Port of Spain, Trinidad and TobagoTalking Soca with Farmer Nappy

Talking Soca with Farmer Nappy

Trinidad & Tobago's Farmer Nappy AKA Darryl Henry is a bit of a legend in the soca scene. He joined Machel Montano's band Xtatik at the age of seven (!!!), working his way from back-up instrumentalist to the songwriter of smash soca hits "Chippin (With...
10 International Artists to Watch at SXSW 2012

10 International Artists to Watch at SXSW 2012

Yes, it’s that time of year again: SXSW is upon us. Even though there will be a zillion bands in attendance (that’s the official count), you are guaranteed to hear about the same ten acts from _____...
Austin, United StatesMeet the Queens of SXSW

Meet the Queens of SXSW

SXSW is historically a very dudely affair. Unless goers deep-dive into the brainmelting lineup, their experience will mostly include brosephs, beardos, and dude-producers-with-accessory-ladysingers. But shrouded somewhere in the festival chaos are...
Brooklyn, United StatesSplendor Squalor by Xray Eyeballs
Rating: 4.5

Splendor Squalor by Xray Eyeballs

Xray Eyeballs's debut album Not Nothing was a fuzzed-out stylistic achievement, a dark garage punk confection, a perfect gingerbread miniature decorated in black licorice ropes and squid ink. You...
Know Your Naija: 10 Nigerian Stars to Watch

Know Your Naija: 10 Nigerian Stars to Watch

There's something going on in Nigeria. From Lagos, cradle of Afrobeat and home to Fela Kuti's nightclub The Shrine, a new sound is breaking out. The beats can be hard and thunderous, but the hooks...
Port of Spain, Trinidad and TobagoFarmer Nappy’s Trinidad Soca Pops

Farmer Nappy’s Trinidad Soca Pops

Farmer Nappy puts a lot into his soca. First, the Trinidadian musician also known as Darryl Henry brings thirty years of experience to his music. Much of that time, he spent backing up 2012 Soca Monarch Machel Montano, starting at the age of seven in...