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Kyoto, JapanAnarchy Reps for Kyoto’s Lost Kids

Anarchy Reps for Kyoto's Lost Kids

December 7, 2011
The versatility of the gangster rapper trope will never stop amazing me. Anarchy, an underground Japanese rapper who's spent the past few years rising into global hip hop visibility and the top of the Japanese charts, grew up in Kyoto, a city better...
MTV IGGY’s 12 Days Of Christmas Music!

MTV IGGY’s 12 Days Of Christmas Music!

So we know we aren’t your secret Santa (or maybe we ARE! Ha, we aren’t gonna spoil the surprise!) but we got you some presents. Here's our round-up of our favorite Christmas songs from Mexico, Sweden, South Korea--all over
Genoa, ItalyItalian Rappers Zero Plastica Still Rise

Italian Rappers Zero Plastica Still Rise

It's been a bad year for the world economy, but a good one for Italy's socially-conscious rappers Zero Plastica. The political shakeups caused by the deteriorating Euro are finally bringing to light some of the things that these Genoans, who have been...
L’Arc~en~Ciel 20th L’Anniversary Live

L’Arc~en~Ciel 20th L’Anniversary Live

The movie theater at Union Square was a quarter full with a mix of Japanese young people and other New Yorkers.  What drew this group together -- one of many around the world who turned out for the...
Moscow, RussiaKeramika by Pixelord

Keramika by Pixelord

Moscow beatmaker Pixelord channeled his inner child on Keramika ("ceramics"), his new chiptune-centric EP on Hit and Hope. Compared to his January EP Fish Touch, the new one is less dubby, more twisted...
Philadelphia, United StatesZakee — “Push The Power”

Zakee — “Push The Power”

We've already mentioned that we'd like to step into the shoes of the world-traveling Zakee, who glides from Rio to Philly and back again like it's no thing at all. That's how his album Assimilations goes...
Sydney, AustraliaCameras Doesn’t Mind The Term “Doom Pop”

Cameras Doesn’t Mind The Term “Doom Pop”

The dark power pop trio Cameras snagged MTV Iggy's Artist of the Week crown, so naturally we were curious about this moody, peculiarly likable trio out of Sydney. We chatted with pianist/vocalist Eleanor Dunlop and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Fraser...