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Stockholm, SwedenAne Brun — It All Starts With One
Rating: 3.5

Ane Brun -- It All Starts With One

Ane Brun is the closest thing the female gender and Scandinavia has to Antony and the Johnsons. Her compositions and virtuoso vocals are often used in the pursuit of extreme, exquisite beauty. Both...
Paris, FranceJain Brings French Cool To Acoustic Pop

Jain Brings French Cool To Acoustic Pop

Name: Jain Genre: Acoustic Pop When She Started: 2011 Most Like: Corinne Bailey Rae, Jack Johnson, Zaz The Sound: If Jason Mraz was killed and reborn as an adorable, 20-year old Parisian. In her video for the song “Hob,” 20 year-old...
London, United KingdomKwes — meantime
Rating: 4

Kwes — meantime

It took four years for British artist Kwes to put out his second EP, bashful., a consummate series of songs. He was probably being something of a perfectionist, but he was also working on other people's...
Stockholm, SwedenWTF is INGRID?


By now, it’s clear that Sweden is HQ for the Illuminati. The frosty nation is populated entirely by blonde socialist hipsters who spend their days sitting in minimalist furniture and crafting electronic pop hits. These are the facts. Now, many of...
Stockholm, SwedenNiki & the Dove — Instinct
Rating: 5

Niki & the Dove — Instinct

"DJ, Ease My Mind." Ten! "Under the Bridges." Ten! "Mother Protect." Ten! Like an electropop Nadia Comaneci, Malia Dahlstromm and Gustav Karlof have been dominating the music blog game since releasing...
Umea, SwedenTove Styrke Has Something For Everyone

Tove Styrke Has Something For Everyone

Name: Tove Styrke Genre: Pop When She Started: 2009 Most Like: Robyn The Sound: Radio pop with some good ol' Swedish melancholy Tove Styrke's hit song "Call My Name" could easily hurl her into the ranks of the Katy Perry and Kelly...