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Xenomania: Nothing is Foreign in an Internet Age

Xenomania: Nothing is Foreign in an Internet Age

November 29, 2011
Words by Simon Reynolds Imagine the media as a hydraulic system: broadband has dramatically expanded the pipes and channels through which cultural data, including music, passes. The result has been a...
Helsinki, FinlandIce-Cold Pop from Finland’s Rubik

Ice-Cold Pop from Finland’s Rubik

Rubik has been heinously underserved throughout the electropop-philic 2000s -- most likely because they're from Finland. But with three seasoned albums, an EP, and live shows throughout the US under their belts (including a KEXP stamp of approval), the...
Johannesburg, South AfricaFrom House to Kwaito and Back Again

From House to Kwaito and Back Again

In 1994, the people of South Africa voted freely for the first time in history, electing Nelson Mandela as president, ending 46 years under the oppressive apartheid system of white-only rule and enforced segregation. That very same year, the group Boom...
Reykjavík, IcelandOn The Case with Iceland’s Agent Fresco

On The Case with Iceland’s Agent Fresco

After getting heady with Agent Fresco's brilliant, eclectic debut A Long Time Listening, it was time for the Reykyavik foursome to loosen up. Turns out, the guys behind some of the most cerebral hardcore music on the planet are actually....quite funny....
Dundee, United KingdomSelf-Titled by Cha Cha Heels

Self-Titled by Cha Cha Heels

Scotland's Cha Cha Heels swear, talk graphic sex, and have no problem with full-frontal nudity. They're also known in the Scottish music scene for their live theatrics, costume changes and cabaret...
Accra, GhanaKobi Onyame — “Protect Myself” feat. G

Kobi Onyame — “Protect Myself” feat. G

Kobi Onyame has been buzzing around the London hip hop shadows for about two years -- dropping a debut album, appearing at T in the Park, collaborating with Sway --  but now the Ghana-born, UK-based MC...