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Lisbon, PortugalBatida: 808s and Guitar-Breaks

Batida: 808s and Guitar-Breaks

May 18, 2012
Name: Batida Where He’s From: Lisbon, Portugal via Luanda, Angola Genre: Kuduro (Redux) When He Started: 2007 Most Similar: Baloji, Buraka Som Sistema The Sound: Time-traveling Central African street party Kuduro just keeps on moving....
London, United KingdomPunks Jump Up Has The UK Seeing Neon

Punks Jump Up Has The UK Seeing Neon

Who They Are: Punks Jump Up, or Joe and David Where  They're From: England and Sweden, Based in London Genre: Neon Dance Funk Rock Pop Goodness When They Started: 2004 Most Similar: The Rapture, Parliament, occasionally Justice The Sound:...
Norfolk, United StatesKishi Bashi’s Angelic One-Man Opera-Rap

Kishi Bashi’s Angelic One-Man Opera-Rap

Over the course of these early milleni-teens, I've seen a long line of artists doing that "alone, singing up there with loops and laptop" thing. And to be totally, totally honest, they haven't been great. But if I may make a grand statement here: I...
Dancehall Dirty Talk With Natalie Storm

Dancehall Dirty Talk With Natalie Storm

Natalie Storm will tell you that dancehall is an intensely competitive world, but the spicy lyricist wouldn't have it any other way. And though she's always played rough, she has never had to fight to stand out. Working with producers like Jamaica's...