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London, United KingdomRita Ora Is Hot Right Now

Rita Ora Is Hot Right Now

March 18, 2012
Rita Ora makes climbing the ladder to pop superstardom look easy -- as if anyone could get a music deal at 14. "That's when I started going to the studio after school, in my uniform, and kinda just write. Even though I didn’t know what the hell I was...
Lagos, NigeriaNigeria’s Bez Gets Stupid

Nigeria’s Bez Gets Stupid

Neo-soul newcomer Bez Idakula is the latest Nigerian to make a splash on the international stage. Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter became the first African artist to debut a song on BET’s popular 106 & Park, and he nabbed a recent shout-out in...
Johannesburg, South AfricaSpoek Mathambo — Father Creeper
Rating: 3.5

Spoek Mathambo — Father Creeper

I hate the horror genre and I’ve never watched a single scary movie to the end. So I’m the basically the worst person to review Spoek Mathambo’s second album Father Creeper, which is a masterpiece of...
Pretoria, South AfricaBittereinder’s Mad Afrikaans Hip Hop

Bittereinder’s Mad Afrikaans Hip Hop

Bittereinder means "diehard" in Afrikaans, but this SA award-winning, chart-topping  Pretoria trio is more experimental than the blingy moniker implies. Their 2009 debut album 'n Ware Verhaal ("a true story") is full of interesting, delightfully bizarre...
Seoul, South KoreaKorean Electro Fetishists W&Whale Tell All

Korean Electro Fetishists W&Whale Tell All

If THE KOXX are the handsome misfits of Korean music, and 2NE1 are the candy-coated wonder women, then W&Whale are the up-and-coming electropop nihilists. Made up of Kpop veterans W and ingenue vocalist...
Ottawa, CanadaS/T by A Tribe Called Red
Rating: 3.5

S/T by A Tribe Called Red

Canadian First Nations DJ collective A Tribe Called Red put themselves on the bass map in 2010 with an electrifying fusion of dubsteb and tribal drum circle music. They could easily mine that one rich...
Helsinki, FinlandLCMDF on Aliens and Dead Cats

LCMDF on Aliens and Dead Cats

Just listening to LCMDF (aka Le Corps Mince de Françoise or "Francoise's Skinny Body") you already feel like you're in capable, smartass hands. Combative, thrashy synth, clever lyrics, and dance beats dominate their debut electropop album Love and...