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Unleash The Shockwaves with Moscow’s Tesla Boy

Unleash The Shockwaves with Moscow's Tesla Boy

February 22, 2012
Over the last few years, Tesla Boy has sent analog disco pop surging through Moscow like volts of neon. After dropping their debut album Modern Thrills, the foursome has taken over Russian dance floors,...
Paris, FranceThe World Wants Zaz

The World Wants Zaz

“Je veux.” I want. In this song, which became a huge summer hit in France in 2010, Zaz shares a wishlist that’s anything but materialistic. All she wants is “some love, some joy, some good cheer/It’s not your money that will make me happy,” she sings in...
Tokyo, JapanDream Analysis by Jesse Ruins

Dream Analysis by Jesse Ruins

A new gem has surfaced in Tokyo in the form of Jesse Ruins, a duo project marked by dreamy atmospherics, thwacking beats, and a hefty dose of mystery. Comprised of producer Nobuyuki Sakuma and a woman...
Los Angeles, United StatesFaces by Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe

Faces by Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe

From the land of future beatmaking obscura, Faces bubbles up from a subterranean jazz club where reality is spotty, and the hookahs are plentiful. The 12" split between Los Angeles' Mike Gao (a...
Stockholm, SwedenGetting The Concept of Stockholm Pop

Getting The Concept of Stockholm Pop

Hailed as Sweden's answer to Phoenix, The Concept's infectious, happy-go-lucky tunes fit the pop music formula to a T. The Stockholm sweethearts happen to know just a bit about the pop music industry-- all four members have served under the pop...