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A Sit-Down with Stand Up Against Heart Crime

A Sit-Down with Stand Up Against Heart Crime

Barcelona's dreamy new wavers -- and our artist of the week -- talk krautrock, Diesel, booze and smokes.

By Halley Bondy
November 12, 2012

Stand Up Against Heart Crime won MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week, which is fortunate considering we had so many questions for the Barcelona new wavers. The band has a dreamy, relaxed sound that straddles 80s pop, but with a more ambient art vibe than a candied pop one. Music on their self-titled debut EP (which was picked up for a Diesel ad campaign in 2010) is tailor-made for smart, chill people who aren’t opposed to to a little krautrock with their pop.

Here’s what they had to say. And be scroll down for their brand new single, “Am I Safe?”

First things first, tell me all about the name!

It comes after an advert I saw in the streets of London a while ago: “Stand Up Against Knife Crime.” The thing is, are u really going to stand up if somebody is about to cut your throat or even stab you in the eye? Well, Stand Up Against Heart Crime isn’t only about love, it can be about an old man thinking of his past or about being frightened because of future. We’re not flowers and good vibes, we’re meant to be something else.

The “I Need No Sun” video is crazy. And beautiful. It also seems quite awkward to star in it. Was it a labor of love? Worth the effort?

Absolutely. Borja V Conde has written the video for the song. Since Borja is in the band, he’s been listening to this song’s demo since 1992.  We love the lack of lip synch, we love the awkward look of it. We didn’t want to pose as if we were another fucking garage boy band trying to be funny. It was meant to represent our surroundings in an artistic manner, and I think he’s done a pretty good job.

stand up against heart crime – I need no sun from Borja V. Conde on Vimeo.

What has it been like touring with Sebastien Tellier?

He’s an authentic party animal, he’s even more into booze and cigarettes than us. It’s been good. We loved it really. He’s very nice when you speak to him and of course we are very happy he agreed having us as a support band. It was also good as an experience. We’ve had to set it all up quick and play just the right amount of time.

Who else would you like to tour with, given the opportunity?

I’d personally like to tour with Kindness, Tame Impala, Air and The Horrors.

Why no debut album yet?

Our debut album will be dropping in December. We just had to give ourselves a bit more time in order to set this up in the best possible manner.

What was it like seeing your music featured in a Diesel campaign?

At the time I felt very happy, because I thought it was going to lead to better opportunities. It did indeed grow our fanbase and even improve our CV. We are musicians and that’s what we do, If someone feels something for your song, that’s the best goal and the end of the story.

You’re doing some trippy stuff, guys. Do you find folks in Spain – or elsewhere for that matter – get what you’re doing?

Some people do, some people don’t. There are some people who like it but at the moment we gain more acceptance and feedback from other countries.

What has been your favorite part of working with Stand Up Against Heart Crime?

Learning how to manipulate people and stand insults. Having the chance to visit new cities and meet new people is also very interesting.

Do you have krautrock influences? (CAN just released some Lost Tapes and they are awesome)

I love the Lost Tapes, those recordings sound as well as “Tago Mago” or “Future Days”. I actually played drums live several times for Damo Suzuki (former CAN singer). So yep, I guess it’s a bit influential, especially synth stuff like Harmonia, or Cluster. In my case I think Klaus Dinger is a big influence for me. I like to keep the beats very minimal and hypnotic without almost any fill.

What’s next for you guys?

Concentrating on album release, followed by more live gigs such as Primavera Club and then back to the studio.

Stream Stand Up Against Heart Crime’s brand new single, “Am I Safe?” out November 19 on TAPE/caiman disco.

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