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Can’t Hardly Wait for The Impatient Sisters’s Indie Pop

Can’t Hardly Wait for The Impatient Sisters’s Indie Pop
Photo courtesy of the artist

This is the amazing true story of three sisters who started a band without really trying

By Beverly Bryan
February 11, 2013

Barely formed in 2011, Malaysian indie pop band The Impatient Sisters don’t even have a single out yet, but they have played with Zee Avi and opened for The Jezabels. They also just won our Artist of the Week competition and they’re about to run off and play a major festival in Singapore. Oh, and the indie scene in Kuala Lumpur can’t get enough of them.

The rise of actual sisters Soraya, Nazeera, and Irena Taib is simple, really. They might not have any releases yet (they’re working on it) but they definitely have it. It’s something more than their perfect yet fragile vocal harmonies and their lulling, old-time melodies. The trio has got that certain mysterious oomph you just can’t explain. (We did find out a lot about them in this interview with Soraya, the eldest sister, though.)

Is it still surprising to see how much support you have?

It’s always surprising. The attention could be quite overwhelming sometimes but the people we’ve met have always been extremely supportive and it keeps us driven. The poll you had last week was pretty intense but everyone kept voting for us (our parents never left their laptops), it’s unbelievable that we won Artist of the Week.

How did you start playing music together and form a band?

We were invited by a friend to open for her band around two years ago. The owner of the venue asked us if we had any original material, but we didn’t. We felt slightly challenged by this so we wrote our first song “Comets and Stars.” As children, music was something we did individually – playing the piano, the guitar. But we’ve always loved singing, and it seemed natural to be playing music together.

What is your proudest accomplishment as a band so far?

We feel immensely fulfilled by the littlest and most random of things. When people sing-along during our show or when we’re mentioned in articles. Even by the fact that we’re still a band after two years! Our parents would be proud! But so far winning MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week definitely tops the list!

Do you all have different tastes in music? Are there any musicians you all agree on?

We grew up together so we generally have the same taste in music. There are musicians that each of us prefers more though. It’s pretty diverse but we rarely argue about music we listen to. We can never say no to Eisley, and we’ve been listening to Sucré, a band Stacy Dupree from Eisley is in. They’re fantastic!

What is the latest on your plans to put out an EP?

We’re finally getting our stuff recorded and will release a proper single soon and hopefully an EP to follow up. It’s all very new and exciting for us.

Do you have any other big events coming up?

We will be playing at Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival on March 12th. It will be our first proper performance outside Malaysia. It’s definitely an honour to be playing at the same event as Esperanza Spalding, Mutemath and other heavyweights around the world. Plus, we finally get to meet our Singaporean fans! We’re very excited!

Can you tell us about playing with Zee Avi?

We were hanging out with Zee a week before our upcoming gig and thought it’d be great to have her as our “special secret guest”. During the show, we called her on stage and performed one of her songs, “Anchor.” We’re huge fans of Zee even before we became a band, so the experience was pretty surreal! She’s an honorary Impatient Sister.

How about opening for The Jezabels?

Opening for The Jezabels was awesome! I think it was our first time opening for a band, and opening for an award-winning band was a great experience. It was amazing, albeit nerve-wracking, but the members of The Jezabels were so warm and friendly. They were pretty cool to share our video on their page too.

What is your favorite place to play in Kuala Lumpur?

We hold picnics sometimes, a chance for us to hang out with our friends and fans. We sing our songs, eat and have a good time. We’ve been having it in a park in the city. We rarely get to chat with our fans during our usual gigs so it’s always nice to be able to meet them, outdoors and under the sun.

Can you tell us about some other bands from Malaysia that we should check out?

There are so many good acts in Malaysia right now! You should definitely check out Froya, Darren Ashley (we were featured in his Malay song “Mana Diriku”) and Asmidar, to name a few. They’re really amazing!

What are you most impatient with right now?

To get an EP or album out!

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