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Haim Time: a Chat with the Spunky LA Pop Trio

Haim Time: a Chat with the Spunky LA Pop Trio

Three Wicked Sisters on the Folk Pop Scene

By Lauren Zupkus
January 22, 2013

So I’m not gonna lie. Right before I got on the phone with Este, eldest sister of girly folk-rock trio HAIM ( pronounced to rhyme with time), I was a bit nervous. Aside from the fact that I’m girl crushing on them hard, and have been bumping their “Don’t Save Me” track all month long, (shoutouts to the Cyril Hahn remix) I heard that the girls–particularly Este–could be a bit wild. So I took a deep breath to collect myself, and the next thing I know, Este and I are chatting it up about everything from middle school memories to our mutual love for A$AP Rocky. Observe the love fest below:

After stalking your Twitter, I came across you tweeting at Dillon Francis about the fourth grade. Were you guys boys in elementary school?

We love Dillon! We went to LA County High School for the Arts together. Dillon was an art major, and such a sick artist. We used to wreak havoc on this one English teacher who was on the heavier side. We were terrible. I was 14. I cringe.

How does working in a band with your sisters (Danielle and Alana) work? Are there fights or are you guys on the same wavelength?

I know this sounds so corny, but we’re actually best friends. We’re way closer than I think most siblings are… we’re all really close. We have one collective closet to share clothes. Some of our good friends are also siblings, and we’re just this crazy sister crew.

Tell me a bit about the songwriting process. Do each of you come up with individual songs, or is it more collaborative?

Every song is collaborative. One will come up with lyrics, the other melody… we’ll just all come together and vibe on a song. It’s never really been one of us on our own since we always jam and play together.

Sometimes your songs have sort of a hip-hop feel to them, and I heard you guys are tight with the A$AP mob. Care to elaborate?

A$AP Rocky is my boy. I love him in ways that are probably not legal. We were doing an interview last May at a festival in Baltimore, and he was supposed to be up next. A publicist was rushing us to end the interview since he was way more important than us. Then A$AP, who didn’t even know us at the time, was like, “No, let’s do the interview together!” We were SO intimidated, until we started talking about Mexican food. He’s so rad.

Have you guys ever thought of collaborating with him?

Actually, we went to New York and bumped into him at a Fashion Week party. He was like, ‘I’m gonna go record, come!” We ended up doing this angelic sounding outro on the third or fourth track of his new album. Dreams do come true.

Who else would you like to collaborate with in the hip-hop world?

I’m really feeling Kendrick Lamar. We’re both from LA!

You girls have this catchy folk-rock that’s been compared to Fleetwood Mac. Who are some of your influences? Are you Stevie lovers?

We actually love Christie McVie. Don’t get me wrong, Stevie rocks. “Rihannon” is one of my favorite songs of all time. But the songs that Christie sings are the ones we love the most and we definitely draw influence from her.

You, Danielle and Alana have been performing since you were kids. Does being involved in the music industry still seem new to you?

Everything that’s been happening seems new. Every time someone’s like, “I bought your CD,” or “I just got your song on iTunes,” there’s a part of me inside that feels like a 13-year-old at a Bat Mitzvah.

So you guys are set to tour with Mumford and Sons in February! What else is up next?

Actually yesterday, we just shot the video for our new single “Falling,” in this secret part of LA that not a lot of people know about. It’s super jungle-like, and we were just rocking out. But today? I’m just sitting in my bedroom with my jammies on.

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