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Inside the Mexican Dance Music Scene With Bufi

Inside the Mexican Dance Music Scene With Bufi

Our Artist Of The Week Winner, Straight From The Mexico City Trenches

By Marlon Bishop
November 7, 2012

More and more, ears are turning towards Mexico as news of the country’s bumping music scene catches wind. And if you are listening for underground music, chances are your ears will tune-in to Bufi. Over the last few years, Bufi has become one of the busiest DJs on Mexico’s cool-kid club circuit as well as one of the country’s most in-demand producers, specializing in offbeat nu-disco, electro and house.

In fact, so many people are part of Bufi nation that he breezed through our Artist of the Week contest last week. As is tradition for our Artist of the Week winners, we sent a few questions Bufi’s way.

Congrats on winning MTV’s “Artist of The Week.” How does it feel?


From Neon Walrus to Le Touch to your DJ career, you seem to stay super-humanly busy. Do you have super-powers?

Actually, no I don’t. That’s why I stopped writing for Le Touch more than 2 years ago, and that’s why Neon Walrus is now on standby. I’m not an octopus of musical production and Bufi demands a lot of time.

I’d bet – What does your average day look like?

It varies a lot, but musically speaking it’s very much about toying between original tracks and remixes that I have to do, until I get a proper idea of where I want to go with the music. Some days I can’t make more than 15 seconds of music, and some days I get really inspired and I can finish the whole song in one sitting.

What’s the thing that excites you most about Mexico City right now?

The growing and talented electronic scene that’s quickly bubbling from the underground. Each day I discover more and more talented producers from Mexico City and from other parts of the country, which is encouraging. Maybe this is because of the also-growing festival, concert and clubbing scene that has been pushed by promoters for the last 5

What’s the status with the electronic music scene in Mexico? Has EDM fever hit the country yet?

Yes, it has. Tiesto, Avicii, Deadmau5… all those guys have been coming here and filling 10,000-person venues for ages, but it’s hard for me to tell how deep it goes since I have never been interested in that kind of music.

I can say that other scene, the “underground” scene, is really rich, going from experimental to deep house to nu-disco and electro-house. There’s even a big psychedelic and progressive trance scene. Don’t ask me why. Genres like dubstep or drum ‘n’ bass have never been too big here though.

People in electronic music love to categorize themselves: how would you describe your music? What electronic genres do you like?

Putting a label to other people’s work is much easier than to your own. I always think that words like “disco”, “house” or  “electro” are not quite sufficient to describe my music, but those are the ones that fit my music better than any other.

When I think about my production, I prefer thinking of making music that fits certain moments. For example: music for the the jumping, euphoric moments of the party, music for the deep and dark kind of clubby vibe, music for the funky times, music for a powerful and driving feeling. I like to have all those kinds of moments when I’m DJing, and I like to have songs of my own for each of those moments.

Both in music by Bufi and Neon Walrus, there’s a definite ‘80s synth-pop thing happening. What attracts you to that decade and sound, if you could describe it?

I used to hate the ‘80s when I was younger, but suddenly they are all over me. I guess it´s because I love the sound of synthesizers, and I also like darkness, and pop music. None other decade could combine those moods better than the ‘80s, right?

How do you choose which songs to do remixes for? Does a DJ today have to remix the big hits to get exposure in dance music world?

No, I don´t think so. There are a lot of people that haven´t made a single “big hit” remix, and they found their way into the big leagues. It´s just about doing what you want when you want to. About choosing a remix – I just look for nice and expressive vocals with a melody that attracts me. I also need to have an idea for the remix.  Sometimes I don´t find it, so I drop it.

Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Bufi remix) // free dl by Bufi

Have you ever considered nick-naming yourself Bufi the Beat Slayer?

[Laughs] I remember someone calling me Bufi, the Dancefloor Slayer, but that’s not the point. Bufi is my mother´s last name, which we use in Mexico.

If you could be any member of the animal kingdom, who would you be, and why?

A bird, preferably an eagle. Too many dreams about flying, I guess.

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