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Isadora’s Got The New Old Brooklyn Sound

Isadora’s Got The New Old Brooklyn Sound

By Halley Bondy
February 19, 2013

Just in time for the release of their debut EP, fivesome Isadora stole this week’s Artist of the Week crown with a ferocity you rarely get from beleaguered Brooklyn beardos. Their self-titled EP is also a neat surprise, mixing the mad instrumentation Andrew Bird, Weezer rock and Ben Folds sincerity. They’re basically everything good about drama-rock from the late 90s and early 2000s, topped with real music skills and major drive.

In other words, we love these guys, and we’re glad that they won, so check them out.

Here’s the tell-all interview you’ve been waiting for!

Why the name Isadora?

While looking for a name in street signs and homonyms, we found Isadora hanging on the wall at the bar we always go to after shows and rehearsals. There was a painting of a Spanish girl holding a guitar, and we named her Isadora. There’s something mysterious and beautiful about it, and we all liked it for our name.

Getting noticed in Brooklyn is tough. What frustrations have you faced as a band – and what makes it all worth it?

It’s easy to get lost among all the quality music in this area. Yeah. It’s cool though, being in Brooklyn, being surrounded by our friends and everyone coming to the shows…and getting to share our songs in all the amazing rooms filled with these people.

The EP’s out! Do you feel like you just gave birth?

It looks like a chicken just gave a birth. Ha, no, but this record has been long in the works and it’s exciting to get it on vinyl. It’s nice to know that we’re gonna be able to finally share this.

The EP has been enlisted to be on a film soundtrack of your choosing. Which film, and/or which scene?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – start the album as soon as Willy Wonka first appears on screen.

Who are you listening to these days?

Tame Impala, Leonard Cohen, Brian Eno.

Who are some of your all-time music heros.

Radiohead, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain.

What’s it like to NOT to play disaffected hipster electro-pop these days?

We all grew up playing drums and guitars and pianos. We’re influenced by the times for sure, but we aren’t really trying to adapt to any trend or momentary movement. We play what we like to play, popularity be damned!

Since this is a revealing tell all superexclusive interview, tell us a secret. Maybe two.

1. Our bassist played tuba in junior high. The secret is he might play it for Isadora soon…
2. Our drummer lived in our rehearsal space for a month. He slept in the kick drum.

Where would you like to see Isadora two years from now?

On tour, and writing albums moreso than just songs.

What’s next for Isadora?

We’re gonna work this record for a while, and keep incorporating newer songs into our set until we’re ready cut our debut full-length album, hopefully in the fall.

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