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Love ‘em or HATEM…Actually, Just Love ‘em

Love ‘em or HATEM…Actually, Just Love ‘em

Clearly, this week's Artist of the Week HATEM has more poetic flare than us.

By Halley Bondy
January 22, 2013

HATEM is awesome, and their throngs of fans agree. The Madrid indie-folk poetry-loving foursome recently won our Artist of the Week, probably because their understated, lovely album, Ultraviolet Catastrophe, has the ability to lull us all into happy complacency. Either way, we bid them many felicidades.

We spoke to the winners about hair, economic crisis, and why their chill new album has such an intense name. Scroll down for their single, “They Won’t Let Me Grow.”

Congratulations on the win! How does it feel? Did you like any other bands in the running?

Thank you so much. We feel awesome and really grateful! We just knew Pegasvs and we love them…

Hello to All The World is such a lovely line. What struck you about it?

We took our name from a Walt Whitman’s poem titled “Salut au Monde.” We thought it was a good name for a good beginning.

How has life in Madrid informed your music? Has it inspired you, is there a scene to accommodate you?

Well, there are a lot of bands in Madrid. We’ve been playing in different bands for many years and growing up around music. We come from an underground scene, full of memories, friends and great moments. We love our city.

All the news talks about these days is how much Spain is hurting. Have you guys experienced the economic crisis first hand? Has it affected turnout to your live shows, or made an impact on your musical careers in any way?

The situation in Spain is dramatic and it seems like it’s getting worse day by day. A lot of people are losing their jobs. There’s no money. We’re suffering this situation as well. A lot of people can’t afford going to concerts. It’s a succession of things that affect the whole country in the end.

What groups are you guys listening to these days?

How to dress well, The XX, Wild Nothing, The Weeknd, Youth Lagoon, Chad Valley, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, U2, hahaha… I don’t know, a lot of bands!

You’ve been working together for awhile. I’m sure you’ve done a lot of growing up together. If you were to look at yourselves now vs. in 2006, what differences would you see?

Well, we were definitely younger and more handsome in 2006. But as a band we really know where we’re going right now. Or at least, where we wanna go. We’ve matured over the years.

Ultraviolet Catastrophe seems a pretty dramatic name for such a chill album! What inspired that title?

The Ultraviolet Catastrophe is an error of the “classical theory”. We took the title from the mysterious poet Roy Tiger Milton. This album is based on his poem “Ultraviolet Catastrophe.” It talks about his struggle to evade himself in this fictitious reality.

I noticed that everyone in the band has the same hair.  Was that a deliberate choice?

Absolutely, if you don’t have long hair you can’t play in this band.

What is next for HATEM?

Keep touring around Spain and continue playing in other cities around Europe…

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