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Los Angeles, United StatesEnter Kenna’s Genreless Future-Present

Enter Kenna's Genreless Future-Present

December 19, 2013
Ethiopian-American musician Kenna (real name: Kenna Zemedkun) has been in the game since 2001, when his song "Hell Bent" created a stir with its gorgeous nebulousness (Is it alternative? Is it urban? Is urban alternative a thing?). When asked about...
Barcelona, SpainJohn Talabot Takes Care With DJ Kicks Mix

John Talabot Takes Care With DJ Kicks Mix

Words and Interview by DJ Pangburn  After a summer spent traveling through Europe, producer and DJ John Talabot has now settled back in his native Barcelona, Spain. Just last week, Talabot released...
London, United KingdomHervé’s New Lion EP Roars

Hervé’s New Lion EP Roars

The names Hervé, The Count, Voodoo Chilli, Dead Soul Brothers, Young Lovers, and Speaker Junk all sound like cults hidden deep-in-the-woods, right? In actuality, they are the aliases of a London-based producer born Joshua Harvey, whose genre-bending...