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Hoboken, United StatesGridlink: When Grindcore and Anime Collide

Gridlink: When Grindcore and Anime Collide

January 17, 2014
Words by Laina Dawes “With everything I do, I try and inject as much heart into it as I can, and make it as honest as I can.  In a roundabout way, the record is about an aspect of my life but its told...
Los Angeles, United StatesEnter Kenna’s Genreless Future-Present

Enter Kenna’s Genreless Future-Present

Ethiopian-American musician Kenna (real name: Kenna Zemedkun) has been in the game since 2001, when his song "Hell Bent" created a stir with its gorgeous nebulousness (Is it alternative? Is it urban? Is urban alternative a thing?). When asked about...