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Syracuse, United StatesSelector: Get in the Van with Perfect Pussy

Selector: Get in the Van with Perfect Pussy

January 28, 2014
With only a four-track demo in tow, Perfect Pussy has been one of the most highly acclaimed acts this year, charming both hardcore punk fans and more highbrow indie critics. Having been on the road since...
London, United KingdomCooly G Starts The Next Chapter‏

Cooly G Starts The Next Chapter‏

What was initially supposed to be a quick but detailed chat about the creative process behind the three cuts featured on Cooly G’s new clubby EP, Hold Me, turned out to be quite possibly the most honest conversation I’ve had with any artist – ever....
Hoboken, United StatesGridlink: When Grindcore and Anime Collide

Gridlink: When Grindcore and Anime Collide

Words by Laina Dawes “With everything I do, I try and inject as much heart into it as I can, and make it as honest as I can.  In a roundabout way, the record is about an aspect of my life but its told...
Los Angeles, United StatesEnter Kenna’s Genreless Future-Present

Enter Kenna’s Genreless Future-Present

Ethiopian-American musician Kenna (real name: Kenna Zemedkun) has been in the game since 2001, when his song "Hell Bent" created a stir with its gorgeous nebulousness (Is it alternative? Is it urban? Is urban alternative a thing?). When asked about...